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The darkest days

Started by Abisu
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The Dragons have returned...
The only one who can defeat them, dead...
The Dragons have spread all over Nirn...
Now, the choice is yours...
Will you fight against the Dragons...
Or will you join them?

I'm starting a roleplay where the Dragonborn was killed in Sovngarde. It takes place five years in the future. Dragons have spread across Nirn. Now, most of their troops are in Akavir, leaving Skyrim with few Dragons, giving the resistance a chance to finally fight back. You can choose to join the Stormcloaks, led by Ulfric Stormcloak, who are trying to expel Dragons and non-Nords from Skyrim. You can also join the Blades, a group of Dragon hunters led by Esbern and delphine, enemies of both the Greybeards and the Dragons. You can also study the way of the voice, under the Greybeards and their master, Paarthunax, who are enemies of the Dragons and are trying to form an alliance with the Blades. Then, there's the organized resistance, led by the leaders of Black Marsh, Hammerfell and OrsiniumeThey simply oppose the dragons and are on neutral terms with everyone else, though the Stormcloaks dislike them. Finally, you can be a Dragon loyalist, serving under the new Dragon Priests and waging war against all the other factions. What group will you choose?

Post your character card and faction here.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Hello, I may be interested in joining once you get more participants however I have a question, WOuld it be possible to play as a Thalmor or even ex Thalmor operating or just living in Skyrim?
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