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The Dawn of Shadows, Chapter 3

Started by Soulflame
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
As night fell upon the city of Daggerfall, the streets emptied of their citizens. I watched the merchant pack up his wares from the shadows. The Orc’s larger fingers fumbled with some of the smaller weapons. I moved closer, my eyes glued to the dagger. I crouched directly behind the orc. Hiding behind a crate, I knelt down to stay out of the Orc’s line of vision.
The orc moved to pick up the dagger, but his fingers proved too big for the hilt. He fumbled with it, but could not find his grip. The dagger clattered to the ground, mere inches from me. Before the orc could turn to pick up the small weapon, I had grabbed it.
The orc bent down to search for the dagger, confused. The dagger had been in his grasp seconds ago, but now it had vanished. He snorted, trying to piece together what could have happened. Suddenly, an idea dawned upon him. “Who’s there?” he called out to the darkness.
Fear gripped me, and I crouched lower behind the crate.
“I can smell your fear,” the orc thundered, looking for the thief. Luckily, his eyes could not pierce the shadows I concealed myself in. He picked up a warhammer that he was going to sell, brandishing it with ease.
I spotted a large sack nearby, seemingly my only escape route. I crawled into it, which appeared to be filled with an assortment of vegetables. I heard large Orc feet crushing the cobblestone nearby. I heard him let out another annoyed snort. The footsteps grew fainter and fainter, before disappearing entirely. I breathed out a sigh of relief. By the Eight, that was close!
I crawled out of the sack, keeping silent in case of a guard or the merchant coming back to discover me. I sat down on the side of the street, inspecting my new weapon closely. The blade was curved, and intricate lines ran across the surface of the metal. I tapped its tentatively, curious as to how strong the steel was. The dagger began to glow, shining with a dull blue light. I marveled at how such a small item could hold secrets such as this.
The dagger revealed a shadowy figure looming before me. Instantly, I was alert. The dagger stopped glowing.
“I saw what you did there.” the towering Breton said in a threatening voice.
I gulped. I did not think my dagger would make much use against him.
“You.... Did?” I replied, my voice shaking.
“Correct. Which is why I think you would make an excellent addition to the guild.” he said.
Relief flooded through me as I realized the man was not trying to kill me.
“Guild?” I asked, thinking instantly of the Mage’s guild that I had failed to join.
“Yes. We serve the Covenant.”
“Why are my talents.... useful?”
“The guild works in the shadows. Your skills will help further our cause.”
“How can I trust you?” I asked.
“If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done so already. Now come along.”
He began to walk away. I had nothing left of my old life. Even if the man was leading me into a trap, he spoke sense. He could have easily attacked me before.
I sprinted ahead, trying to catch up with him. He said nothing, but nodded at my presence.
Taking many turns onto different streets, we eventually stopped in front of an abandoned warehouse. A crude sigil was carved into a door. The Breton pushed it open, and walked inside. I cautiously followed.
Inside, there lay some ruined furniture, including a toppled-over chair that lay on its side. The man knelt down by the chair, and removed the back cushion, revealing a hidden ladder descending to a basement. The chair appeared to be attached to the floor. The man began to climb down the ladder, beckoning for me to follow.
I went down the rungs of the ladder to find myself in a large room. In one corner there were targets latched to the wall. An archer shot at them from the opposite side.
A Redguard woman approached us the bottom of the ladder.
“Who is this, Cyphyr?” she inquired.
“One who possesses the proper skills to join us, Guildmaster.” Cyphyr replied.
The Guildmaster circled me, assessing. Cyphyr whispered something into the Guildmaster’s ear, who nodded and stopped in front of me.
“Welcome to the Guild, Arathyra Stormwind. We are all Faceless here.”

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