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The Dawn of Shadows Chapter 4

Started by Soulflame
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Four years after the events of chapters 1, 2, and 3

The bandit rushed at me, brandishing a sword. I slipped an arrow onto my bow string, narrowing my eyes to aim at the brute. Releasing the string, the arrow flew through the air before piercing the bandit’s heart. He stumbled backwards with a cry.

These Argonian bandits had been streaming from the Ebonheart territories to pillage the Daggerfall Covenant, trying to stop the flow of trade that is such an important aspect of life at High Rock. I had orders from the Guildmaster to clear the bandits approaching the city of Wayrest.

Lacking arrows, I lowered my bow. I quickly unsheathed two daggers, and rushed at an Argonian wielding a greatsword.

A look of amusement was on the Argonian’s face as she swung her greatsword at me in an overhand cut. I crossed my two blades together, forming an ‘X’ with them. The combined strength of the two daggers were enough to block the greatsword. The Argonian staggered back with the force of her own weapon.

Seizing the chance, I dashed forward, stabbing the Argonian in the chest. She slumped backwards as the amusement on her face transformed to dread.

The Ebonheart soldiers eliminated, I began to trudge back to Wayrest. The road beneath my feet was full of sharp rocks, and I wished, not for the first time, that I had a horse. Maybe, I thought, I could afford one in a few months.

The thought of a horse only made the rocks dig more into my feet. I continued along the path. For the first time, I noticed the roads were completely empty. Not even a single merchant or trader were travelling into the great city.

As I passed the city gate, I heard a cry. I was instantly alert. I ran towards the sound, and unsheathed a dagger in case of trouble. I turned down a dark alleyway, where I had heard the cry. I sprinted down the alleyway, not knowing what to expect in the shadows. At the end of the alleyway, I saw a man laying flat on his face. He did not move.

I turned the man over, and placed my hand on his neck, trying to find a pulse. There was none. Who had done this?

From behind me, I heard the sounds of guards approaching. Their torches lit up the alley, revealing myself standing over a corpse with a dagger in hand. A guard gasped.

“I didn't do this," I said fearfully.

“That’s what they all say,” a guard growled back. “Take this murderer out of my sight!”

I opened my mouth to protest, but something clubbed me on the back of my head. I fell forward. The last thing I saw was the ground coming up to meet me.

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