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The Dirt Squirrels - EP PS4 - EST - need people

Started by RumpleTumpkins
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Hello! The Dirt Squirrels are looking for new guild members. We are a group of friends in their 20s looking to entertain and have fun but compete seriously endgame. We are close to 30 members, and are trying to get enough to sell items at least. We need poeple who are willing to do endgame pve, trials (raids), and pvp together so join early and we can get to know each other so when we get to raiding and pvp, we will be in sync. We have a tabard, and will need some players to fill our officer and higher up ranks as well. We are very helpful, and have an expert of each role so if you want fast dungeon and pvp groups join us!

My psn is RumpleTumpkins – add me or send me a message and I’ll add you.

If im offline, hit up DemonicStriker, DexterBloodBall, or ElroyJetson1720
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