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The Dream

Started by Balamast
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"Boy do I love the fresh smell of pine, sometime when we are out here Aren I can just relax for a while and not worry so much about the children and the wife. We just get to enjoy the open air."

"You know Balamast we have to get back soon it is getting dark and I have heard of raids from bandits to the north."

You are right lets go.

Half way home Aren notices something in the sky. A symbol red of color consisting of two rings with a diamond in the middle.

Whats that?

Whats what?

That symbol in the sky it looks like its in the direction of our village!

Aren drop the wood we must hurry!

They run to the village and as they arrive and see that everything is burning around them, their childhood vanished before there eyes. Balamast rushes to his familty to seek if they are alive. When he gets there he finds his son and his wife....dead. Hanging from the roof of the house his wife was beaten and his sons throat was slit. The shocks hits Balamast so hard he freezes. His breathe is gone. All he can do is sit and stare, tears falling down his face gasping for air he drops to his knees. Grabbing the earth to clench his pain he cries out in agony. He looks up and sees the one thing he thought he never would, his fathers crest engraved in his wife's chest. Suddenly rage fills up within himself, memories of his father murdering his mother comes back to him. His eyes are set on his father, revenge is the only answer.

"They have taken you to the Imperial City's prison, first by carraige, and now by boat. To the east, to Morrowind. Fear not, for I am watchful. You have been chosen." - Azura
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