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The Dungeon Queue

Started by Kaltoc
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I'm curious to know the opinions of the community here about this.

What do you all think would be better for TESO, having cross server dungeon queues (WoW, SW:TOR, etc) or keeping the queues to within one's own server?

I for one, am for getting rid of the trend of Queuing up with multiple servers. I feel the cross server dungeons play a big part in diminishing the sense of community a server has. For one, grouping up with people you're probably only going to see that one time (maybe a few other times if your lucky/unlucky) tends to create an atmosphere of silence. You won't see these people again, so there's no real point in making friends. If someone does something you don't like, you can intentionally wipe the group with no consequences. When your queuing up to do something specifically designed for groups, which means they require teamwork and cooperation, having to do so with people who have little or no reason to care about what the rest of the group thinks really creates a barrier that is a bit hard to cross. I do realize my examples are a bit more on the extreme side of things, and are by no means always the case, but I have seen them come up in my own groups enough to feel that these are some real issues with the system.

Now for why I think it would work. For starters Zenimax appears to be taking a more community friendly approach encouraging the players around each other (those in the same server) to interact with each other. From that alone I think this would be a better approach to accomplish that goal. When players are only able to play with other members of their server, reputations will be gained (for better or for worse) and I feel it creates a better sense of community and belonging. Because of this, it also creates a sort of natural deterrent against the 'devil may care' attitudes some players bring to cross server dungeons. While it certainly won't stop them all, most people would prefer to stay on the good side of their server when those are the only people your playing with.

It also encourages building relationships and making friends. When you are a part of a pool of players that can be anywhere from 1/3 to 1/5 (sometimes even higher, not exactly sure of average cross server queue sizes) smaller than what would be on a cross server queue, your going to run into the same people pretty regularly. You'll also be seeing that great healer you just ran a couple of dungeons in a row with out questing in the same zone as you, so why not group up and quest together, maybe even do some more dungeons later?

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. :)

P.S. There's another point or two I wanted to mention but It's late and I can't remember what they were. I'll edit my post tomorrow when It comes back to me.
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I definitely agree. Group finder tools are essential to games offering too much instanced content, but they devolve those games to mere lobbies and kill the vastness of the world in the process. Some games and thanks to the way they are designed, just won't work without it, however. It would be a pain to find groups for instances in WoW or SWTOR for example.

But as I said, that's a design decision, and like you I have the feeling ZOS takes another approach with TESO. They want to facilitate grouping by doing away with role requirements, shared objectives and full xp even when ungrouped and a more "organic" grouping mechanic.

So, in contrast to other games, you don't have to fear that running to a dungeon might be futile, as you don't have to wait for a certain class and can just pick up anyone on your way there. And since they want exploration to be a big part of the game, it really doesn't make much sense of skipping (all) the way with a door to door teleport.

So I don't just believe that TESO will do very well without a group finder, but that a group finder would hurt the game even more than others. A group planning tool, however, would be nice. So I could advertise in advance when, where and what for I want to group and people could just sign up and plan ahead to be there in time. Heck, maybe that's one of their promised enhanced social features. One can hope, eh?!
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The Ghost of TESOF
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Kind of irrelevant, but just wanted to point out that the Group Finder for SWTOR is only for one's server, it's not cross-server.

Going forward, I don't really see where such a tool would really be that beneficial in ESO. Unlike most MMOs, the holy trinity won't be as relevant and ZOS has stated a group of five of any role should be able to complete 85% of the content. Only endgame raiding will require holy trinity roles, and that will require multiple groups to complete the content.

That and the fact that many of the dungeons are public, I just don't really how such a feature would really work and benefit ESO. I'm also personally not a fan of it as it just randomly throws bad players together, meaning only a small portion of the community would actually use it. Meeting players in the area would just make the world feel that much more dynamic, organic, and bring more to the experience than joining a queue.

We'll see what ZOS does, but this isn't the kind of MMO where you need a tank/dps/healer in order to complete most of the content. That alone really takes away the point of the group finder, which is really never that great of a system to begin with.
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