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The Dwemereth Elven Guild
The Dwemereth Elven Guild

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Other
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by duckeggy.
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About The Dwemereth Elven Guild
[Image: e7b269_21166be8bc664e189016862a3750141a....00_jpg_srz]

Add me: Duchess Strachan

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: 6/4/14 ALL ELVES MAY JOIN (please send a request to find out more information on how to join if you are not a dark elf). this guild is no longer restricted to dark (but as stated, request has to be made).
*IMPORTANT UPDATE: This guild was formerly known as: The Dark Elven Guild of Dwemereth, but due to BETA deletion this was renamed.
*Please note that this guild is only exclusive to those whom have chosen an elven race with an alliance to Aldmeri Dominion.

*RANK UPDATE: Please bare in mind every duty is desirable, it is not a regimented outline that has to be pursued every day; these duties are simply just guidelines of what is desired of every rank.

1. Arnaráto Honour (Guild Master): Responsible for everything that makes up the guild; maintenance, orderly meetings, organisation of the guild, bank management and store management. Daily running of the guild, thus being, slight moderating, website maintenance, advertising of the guild; making sure everyone is heard and welcomed- with all needs and desires met. Unlike other guilds, with TDEG everyone has the opportunity to become a guild master, given that the appropriate trust has been reciprocated and that intentions are pure. With patience good opportunities happen.

2. Arnardhir Royal: Duties are probably more excessive than the guild master; therefore, this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone- as we believe in getting all ranks involved with their roles. Arnardhir Royals are mainly responsible for moderating, moderating whom leaves the guild, who enters the guild; keeping the peace and making sure no nonsense is perhaps running. AR's are also responsible for the guild website chat room, moderating the users and maintenance of the website. Helping others in meet ups, conducting meet ups; treating the guild as if it were their own (as I like shared responsibility as opposed to everyone looking up to the one person- it is best if the guild is entirely even). Thus also means, conducting PvP sessions with the guild or PvE; as well as assessing the guild store exclusively. AR's are who all members report to if there is a problem, or if they would like to speak to someone in confident due to an issue perhaps. AR's also invite others to the guild, offer support and request to the AH an offer on another members ability to perhaps be ranked up- once the request has been accepted a probationary period is set for a few days with moderating the members behaviour, how they act in charge of PvP sessions and how well they promote the guild in a successful manner; as well as their ability to show that they can encourage people to join us through their character- then it will be decided purely on that basis whether or not they are deemed able.

3. Aredhel Noble: Nobles have lesser duties, moderating is not a key focal point however; more so AN's lean towards helping others; being a part of the guild and working together. AN's are more social aspect of things, sending requests to AR's for PvE/PvP, passing along the daily reports and messages and working as a team. Reporting is a main point (mainly reporting what they have witnessed or a current problematic issue to the AR's), making sure that no offensive comments to other members are made with these being reported immediately by nobles. Messaging others to make sure they are aware of meet ups and of course, keeping the flow of the guild going- constantly chatting and having comical conversations as well as purely a good time. AN's key factor is the forum used on our website, as AR's are moderating ESO frequently as well as the chat room, time to answer such questions on the forum can be difficult, therefore it is AN's duty to answer such questions of other members and to create any forums given any ESO situations or categories that is desired.

4. Elvuior Guard: Any new members will be an AG, with, of course, the ability to become promoted. In order to seek promotion please talk to the AR's as they submit requests. EG is probably the most important rank of them all. Being a part of a huge team and bringing everyone together. EG's are what keeps the guild alive, EG's are the reasoning to why PvP quests are won, to why PvE quests is successfully completed. EG rank, however, can also be used if someone is on a negative probationary period for perhaps spamming within the guild chat, website, offensive comments and remarks to other members; if this is the case, one will be stripped of all duties and be detonated to EG for a set period.

Please note that below this is the old prologue of the guild during BETA period:

The Dunmer, more commonly referred to as us, Dark Elves, are as you know; us, dark skinned elves originally from the province of Morrowind. We are renowned to be strong, intelligent, and very quick, grim, aloof, and reserved. But what would be more advantageous? Us, wandering, exploring, conquering and fighting unaccompanied and none other but solo? Or us, together; concord, pact, scholarly- but most of all, flourishing without a single limit?

Join us today. We aren't entwined with any such moral other than to seek what you most commonly desire; join us to simply roam, to meet others alike you, to hunt for treasure or to help claim. Our purpose; is to stick together, bounded by race; to be the most successful that we can be and to be a part of something that has never been done here in Elder Scrolls; something unjustifiable without your desirous contribution. As we commonly keep to ourselves as much as possible and as we are rumoured vastly to be ill-favoured by fate.

We are none the less just as distrusting and disdainful of other races as we are to other Dark Elves; but why not change this? Us, the Dunmer and our national character embrace these various connotations with enthusiastic behaviours. Several of our Dunmer have managed to make their way in other provinces as merchants, mages, or assassins for the Dark Brotherhood. Many of our Dunmer belong to one of the seven Great Houses. We also tend to live a very long time, even when compared to other races of mer. So why not stick together, make something even better as opposed to what we would do alone. Lets ally and thrive.

Join us today, simply no rules unlike other guilds-the only rule in which remains is that you must be of our race. So imagine this, say you joined- and a few months later our guild became increasingly successful and because you took a chance on a measly guild post, you were parallel to the guild master; with many others below you and much power to possess. Take a chance, it's all we ask.

We currently are the claimant of none other than a few meagre contributions, but due to regular PvP, we aim to claim holds within Cyrodiil for our guild;The Dwemereth Elven Guild. As well as PvP, PvE is a speciality.

Join today for a prosperous future; gamble and take a chance on that horse that has had very few if not none winnings- but that same horse, because you took that unwilling chance; eventually becomes profitable and in return, the person whom took a chance regardless of the minor reputation, you, thrives in the profit and reputation. Gamble on a small chance, for bigger chances to arise. Join us today and message me for more information!
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