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The Ebon Raiders {PvP/PvE/EP}

Started by Dracan_Fontom
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Hello, to all the ESO enthusiasts. We are the Ebon Raiders. Based in the PS4 Na Server and are loyal to The Ebonheart Pact.
We are looking for people for both PvE and PvP content. For PvE we have no preference for whether you are of AD or DC desent as next patch group cross Alliance will be easier. Meanwhile in PvP, we would like to stay with our Alliance, however, if we cannot friendly dueling with be replaced or temporarily substituted with large scale PvP. We will even aid those newer with the game by crafting armor/weapons, or even spending an hour help them acquire hard to obtain skyshards in Cyrodiil or if abled in the PvE areas.
Lastly, when we reach 50 active members, in which I would to happen before the release of the Thieves Guild patch, the guild will begin to search for guild stores or begin advertising our Crafters and good of trade in PSN Community.

If you seek to join, either post your psn here, or message tophighlander2 or SilverStarFlores for an invite. I would love to have my once great guild be active once more, but I cannot do it with you.
For more information you can message me, tophighlander2.

Thanks for reading
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