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~The Elsweyrian Outfit~
~The Elsweyrian Outfit~

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Wolfram von Elsweyr.
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About ~The Elsweyrian Outfit~
[ All That Glitters IS Gold ]

Guild Lore:
Honour the contract
Respectable code of conduct
Respect the guild authorities and those below you
In guild affairs uniform must be worn
Discipline throughout

: Repeated offences against guild lore will result in demotion, suspension and termination from the guild

Modus operandi:
Our base of operations is set up in the heart of Elsweyr, with branches all over the Aldmeri Dominion. That means all 3 races are viable for guild membership.

But what do we do?
The guild provides protection, for a sum of gold, to any citizen who wishes assistance traveling to a cave to battle some monsters, to the land of PvP, or in the completion of a quest. We will ensure that during your contracted time that you will come under the complete protection of the protectorate that accompanies you. If, however, you do die, you will be reimbursed if the case dictates so.

You will be able to hire between 1 and 6 guild members to accompany you. And no, there are no discounts on the more people you hire. The level of the protectorate determines how much they cost and not on their guild rank. You may also choose what class of protection you wish to hire. Such as two swordsmen and an archer and so forth. Their class does not determine their cost, only their level. It is based on a first come first serve basis. Such as if you wish for the strongest or most experienced members to hire, and they are already on contract, you will have to wait. And no, offering more gold will not work. The contract will be honoured.

Another aspect of which you can hire our services is that of the Journeyman. In which, you may have a quest to locate something, or certain items and may not wish to do so yourself. You can hire us to locate such things and hand them to you.

What can you expect from membership?
What most other guilds offer; a chance to be a part of something with the added bonus of being able to play with other likeminded people. At least, in the gaming sense. We also offer training in certain areas of combat and exploration. As well as combat tactics and leveling up. You will also have guild duties and the ability to go out on contracts. Not to mention the guild related events of competition. Further solely guild related playing would be our aim of stealth missions of ambushing points and seizing control of enemy recourses. You will also be expected to wear a guild uniform based on your class and for higher ranks within the guild. However, this is only when on guild business. In your free time you may wear what you wish.


The system by which payment to the guild and to the protectorate is as follows:
The Journeyman, having dealt with the client, would then link up a Champion to the client who would then finalize the surrounding details of the contract. The client would then hand over payment to the Champion. Upon this, they would then distribute it accordingly as we will later disclose. Once the contract is successfully completed, the protectorate would then be given their payment by the Champion.

Payment distribution:
70% from any contract completed to be given equally between the Protectorates or Journeymen involved
10% from every contract to The Guild Treasury
10% from every contract to The Guild Master
5% from any contract finalized to be given to the Champion involved
5% from any contract dealt with to be given to the Journeyman involved

The Guild Treasury:
The Guild Treasury is used to finance the operations of the guild. Including buying weapons, potions and armor etcetera. Every time a Researcher finds information deemed valuable to the guild they will be given a token of money in appreciation from the guild treasury. Items may be bought and sold with the guild money for a profit. People of prestigious ranks within the guild will be given a token of money if they complete a contract successfully.

Contractual Obligation:

The Protectorate:
You are under contract to protect your client regardless of your own state of health, disposition etcetera. You must stick with your client at all times while on the job. You are only expected to do what has been paid for. If the client tries to alter the terms, the contract will be terminated and there will be no reimbursement if the contract has been under way for some time. You are not under the direct order of the client. You are to stick with them throughout, check the location beforehand if you so wish and any other method to ensure their safety. But you are not obliged to do whatever the client tells you to.

The Client:
If you suffer any death under the protection of the guild while in close proximity, or due to the negligence of the protectorate, you will be reimbursed. However, if you fail to head warnings of the protectorate to leave this area due to a danger too great, or if you separate from them of your own accord and die, you will not be reimbursed. If you demand that the protectorate follows your orders not specified within his duties, and he is so compelled as not to do so, the contract will be terminated if you push further for him to follow them and you will not be reimbursed.

Example of a contract alteration:
A client has paid for some PvP protection yet halfway through the time specified they decide they want to go out of PvP and search a cave or complete a quest; the guild members are not obliged to follow you. As this is not in their contract. If they do however agree, then this will be of the same contract time scale and will not be restarted. Should terms dictate, then the client may be given a discount on a new contract for what they now desire.

Basic Guild Rank System:

Apprentice - Has pledged himself to the guild and must complete apprenticeship to become a fully-fledged guild member

Researcher - Search for information on all aspects of guild interest

Journeyman -Travel to locate certain items of guild interest and find contracts

Protector - An initiated guild member after completing training and may choose to go down 1 of 3 routes within the guild: Research, Protection or of the Journeyman

Defender - Has completed multiple contracts successfully and has been elevated. They are also privy to guild resources when on contracts and so are all others above said rank

Warder - Has proven his worth as a guild member and has been elevated. They may also escort clients into PvP areas. A veteran if there ever was one

Guardian - Is a valued guild member and completed numerous contracts. Only the best become Guardians

Champion - Is charged with maintaining order, keeping the guild members informed, dishing out contracts and is in command of a group of guild members specific to their role

Guild Master - The Guild Master pools in information and distributes it accordingly, handing down orders to his Champions and deciding on the details of contracts and guild advancements

: Information may be liable for alteration :
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The new websites up lads.

Join up with The Elsweyrian Outfit
[ All That Glitters IS Gold ]
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How do I join?
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(October 26th 2013, 09:49 AM)Khajiit2214 Wrote: How do I join?
Same problem here.
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id love to join but im not gonna be in when game first comes out as hopefully it will get free to play fast cuz I don't want to pay 15 bucks a month but yeah if youll save me a guild spot thatd be great
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