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Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by xProphetx.
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Looking for a PROFESSIONAL and ORGANIZED top-tier guild? well look no further,

We are a Daggerfall Covenant guild!

Right now: #Leveling, #Casual, #Community, #Friendly

Later: #Hardcore, #PvE, #RolePlay, #EndgamePROGRESSION


We have made a commitment to the one true king Emeric, we are actively recruiting and hope to have at least 200 members by launch. We owe our allegiance to the Daggerfall Covenant, we are the Orc, the Redguard and the Breton. Please go to our guild social sites. Or send an e-mail to for more information and recruitment, and best option is go direct to: and register and join the guild.


The Emeric Covenant's goal is work together to create a tight-knit community of gamers, through the use of integrity, humility, respect and temperance we can achieve more than just loot and gear; we can achieve familiarity. We want to become very well known and rise to the top of the game. We want the best players in our guild. We want our guild to be the best. Join today and help us save the land from the cursed Aldmeri Dominion and the bandwagoners Ebonheart Pact.

Ranking System:

We have something no other guild has. It is our impeccable Ranking system. Our ranking system is unlike no other ranking system in any other guild. It used achievements and Favor points to earn rank ups. We also use Special Ranks for dedicated tasks. The system is very complicated and new. Used by no other guild except us. We took a vote to use the extensive Ranking System or a general one. The Extensive one won by a landslide. People enjoy that they have to work to rank up in the guild. Isntead of just randomly being appointed. Check it out in our forum for yourself.

Achievements and Favor:

Achievements are posted on guild forum. they are the best way to earn Favor in the guild. The Favor is used to rank up in the guild. The special Ranks do not require Favor they are just positions in the such as a job. The daily thing to do for the day for that player.

Future of Guild:
Once our guilds fame is up, and the cash is flowing in, members will be PAID by the guild to be in and active within the Guild. We need to get in and figure out how the game mechanics work, but once we do, you will get your gold. (as long as you're helpful and not the silent leech sort.)We will get serious later in the game. For now we are chill. Relaxedm friendly focused on leveling and progression. We also run together and not alone.


All recruitment is open as of right now. Players can come onto our guild website and apply. Unless all questions are not answered then the player will be invited. We are looking for players who are serious about the guild they are applying for. All players can instantly move up 3 ranks before launch if they simply update their profiles, accept skype invite, and are active on Forums.

Above all else, we are friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. Our members are dedicated to the Elder Scrolls series and we win. What more do I need to say?


Every member has equal opportunity to rise to the top of the ranks and lead people to battle. We have specific raid groups and titles! No man or woman is ever left out when it comes to the Ranks. We have anything you could possibly want or hope for within this guild, and if we don't have it, ask someone and we will see it done. The Guild do not discriminate based on Sex, Gender, Race, National Origin, Sexual Orientation or Color. Also, anyone that joins prior to game launch and remains an active member in the forums will automatically be promoted to the rank of Fri-Hals, or Drengr, depending on activity and knowledge. For now we are using Skype and Teamspeak! there is a thread in the forums to get an invite to Skype group chat.

Facebook Fan Page:
Facebook Group Page:

"Our supplies dwindle. Our trade routes are shut down. Our people suffer.

Why? Because a pretender sits upon the Ruby Throne.

Let us take up arms! Let the fields of Cyrodiil run red with the blood of our fallen enemies!

But let us spare the lives of a few, so that they may return to their homelands to tell their fellows the fate they met at the hands of the Daggerfall Covenant.

One land! One Emperor!

Who among you will stand with me?"

Emeric High King
Be sure to give me credit for recruiting you to the guild if you want extra help.
And please don't hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have!
Please feel free to message me! and if you decide to join say xProphetx sent you.
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