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The Feast of the Dead (Always looking for competent RPers!)

Started by Coffee Rebel
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The balance of power is shifting...

... and Skyrim is none of the wiser. Unaware of dangerous omens, the Nords prepare for the Feast of the Dead, where a great feast is held to honor those who have departed for Sovengarde and the names of Ysgramor's Companions are recited. This year, Skyrim is divided, and those who would make the trip to Windhelm are instead traveling to Falkreath.

But Jarl Siddgeir has a problem. Should this festival go well, all will take note of his wealth and splendor, and Falkreath will once more gain power as a true hold. Those standing in the way of his perfect festival are a band of bandits who have taken the Bloodlet Throne, a fort to the south-east. Knowing what's riding on this, he has put a very handsome bounty on the bandits' heads.

Now, men and women flock from all directions, ready to claim the gold or honor the dead. Everyone is converging on Falkreath for this coming month. But Falkreath is home to some of the most powerful warriors in all of Skyrim already; dead, buried since the First Era and before. Word and omens are beginning to spread, whispers of the King of Worms, down in Hammerfell, moving across to Cyrodiil. All he touch die and are reborn, and already the dead of Skyrim stir to his name. It may just be up to these brave men and women of Falkreath to hunt the ancient necromancer down and kill him before the Feast of the Dead in Falkreath becomes quite literal....

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