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The First Blood (Ch. 4)

Started by Andremada
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Bartimaeus is a fierce warrior. He uses a sword and shield and is a head taller than Andremada. Andremada walks into the fighting pit with a nervous feeling in his stomach, gripping his hammer turning his knuckles white. He has never been so nervous. He has never fought anyone except for Azmiro, and Azmiro goes easy on him, he's sure of it.

Andremada stares at the grim smile on Bartimaeus' face and a chill goes down his spine. It wasn't a look he had seen before in someone he had faced. Azmiro always has a cautious look. This looks as if there is an animal inside of him begging to come out and rip him apart like a bear to a fish. The savage furiousity behind him was obvious.

They both stood staring at eachother, they bow, Andre can see the teachers all preparing to teach their students about the battle as there can only be two fighters at once. The elders blow the horn to begin and the crowd roars with excitement save for the teachers whispering to their pupils. Faster than Andre thought possible for someone Bartimaeus' age, Bartimaues lunged forward.

The sword grazed Andres stomach, in a fight with metal weapons he would be dead. The realization terrifies Andre and in the moment Bartimaeus Bashes Andres right shoulder with his wooden shield. Andre staggers and in a hurry readies himself for real. Adrenaline begins to surge through Andre and he holds his hammer high. Just as he has readied Bartimaeus lunges again. Andre sidesteps and places the softened wood hammer on Bartimaeus' shield. Seeing him stagger, Andre runs and sweeps Bartimaeus with a crescent arc that places the hammer behind his ankle. Bartimaeus falls to the ground and now Andre holding the hammer high fells down towards Bartimaeus.

It was cold the look in Bartimaeus' eyes when the hammer was falling. As if Andre was an alien. Bartimaeus rolls out of the way of the hammer as he drops his shield, he then grabs Andres hammer shaft with his left hand and brutally smacks Andre in the temple with what felt like 1000 pounds of force. Andre goes straight to the ground but Bartimaeus doesn't stop. He continues to pound on Andres back, face, arms, anything he could find. All Andre remembers seeing after that was how different everyone looked. As if this is what the crowd wanted. For him to die. For the first time he noticed how different their appearance was compared to his own.

Andre awoke a few hours later seeing Azmiro with a huge bruise on his face. Azmiro smiled when Andre awoke and said "Good morning Andre, that was quite a performance you displayed. Honestly, no one expected you to do that crescent arc with a hammer. That HAD to pull a muscle. Also, no one expected you to win that fight. Bartimaeus is two years older than you and far more experienced." Andremada appreciated the encouragement but replied, "Why did he keep going? It was obvious I had lost but he kept going! No one did anything! That's against the law!" Azmiro was silent and Andremada thought a moment longer and said, "They looked like they hated me. Why did it look like the clan hated me?" Azmiro was silent for at least a minute until he said "I do not hate you Andre. I will always protect you, though there are those in the clan who do not like it. Some do not like that you are an outsider. They do not hate you though."

There was an uncertainty in Azmiros voice that Andremada loathed. There was one thing he knew for sure though. He could not lose again in this clan. These could be considered practice battles for anyone but him. For if he loses again, he is sure he will die.



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