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The first of the prophesy

Started by One of Creation
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Firstname - Arcron
Surname - Tregic
Title – Prince (Daedric King only known to Daedra)
Sex - Male
Race – High Elf
Age - 26
Occupation – Non
Faction – no one
Appearance – Tall slender with a easily identifiable mark on left arm blue eye, short light gray hair
Personality – orderly and helpful always trying to be kind to those he does not know and a strict follower of tradition
Social Background/Backstory – always born to royalty he was destine to become a leader but at the age of 13 when he started going to a school for mages he soon started to have dreams of daedra and oblivion he thought them only nightmare for there infrequency at first but after starting work in a temple to the divines the dreams began to come regularly and soon he was having them every night. It was only when the daedra came and destroyed the temple did he decide to leave and try and figure out what the daedra said to him when he told them to stop they all turned and looked at him and stopped what they were doing they then walked over and bowed to him and the closes said ‘yes King’.
Best Memory – Saving the temple from the daedra by ordering them to stop and go back to oblivion
Worst Memory – Finding out he was prophesied to unit the daedra and destroy the world (daedric prophesy)
Skills – Skilled mage and has the ability to control daedra with a mere gesture
Challenges for the Character – Find out the truth about himself.
Birthsign - Mage
Religious Views – Not sure anymore perversely divines
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