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The Forgotten Sage [short story]

Started by Tej-Jeil
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
(Prologue) The Forebear

(15 years ago)

The dawn’s early light sets upon the bloodied field of the nights massacre. Golden sands had turned auburn, saturated with the blood of the friend and foe. The battlefield was engulfed with the stench of iron, sulfur and smoldering bodies. The civil animosity had gotten intense enough as to prompt a battle between the two groups, although the same race, both fought for the opposite goal.

The air was sullen with the mixed emotions of hate, revenge, and sorrow. A 19 year old Forebear knelt next to his love, unknown to the rest of his family, she is a Crown. Her Face glinted with the blood of enemies, she was a fierce swordswoman. But the blood that spattered her was also her own. She’d been impacted by a powerful fireball, the furious energy had torn straight into her solar plexus, Killing her instantly.

In witnessing the murder of his Loved One, the young bladesman a master behind the hilt of a longsword, went insane. All of his emotion channeled into rage, bent on avenging her, he turned against his fellow forebear and slaughtered the last of them standing. Legend has it that Leki, the Spirit of the Sword (an ancient Ra Gada, God) had imbued him with the her power. And Put a sword she had personally crafted into his sheath in place of his own.

He let not a single tear fall from his eyes. Yet instead he prayed to Leki, begging for forgiveness. Not a moment later, all sound ceased, and he gazed into a pool of blood; upon which gave him a vision. The contents of which were blurry. His gaze drew up from the Lover’s blood, and caught a signet ring on her finger, it was her family crest, delicately he removed the ring from her finger, placing it in his breast pocket.

After he had fled the area he headed into the heart of the desert. He could make out only parts of the vision, yet all of it remained close to his thoughts. He ventured into the desert, living off the harsh land for many years. During these years he meditated on the visions he continued to sparsely receive.

Whilst fending off attacks from bandits, and aiding those who needed it; whether they needed his sword or his knowledge he never failed to assist those in need. As result to his bountiful charity, and thorough lessons he began to become somewhat mythical. Which in turn sent more people searching for him, but not just people with problems, but those who were the problem.

He began to disappear and become more reclusive, as to avoid battle. He’d become a teacher and fighting had begun to fill him with painful remembrance. For he knew that for every body he slayed, a another was left without a lover. And so he became the Forgotten Sage.


The Forgotten Sage

Lightning illuminates the walls as the anvils of rain and thunderous explosions echo through the cave. Although Our Hero is encamped on higher ground than the entrance to this lair, a parade of rain droplets came to a pool before his feet. The pool grew in size until it reached the girth of a watermelon.

“Yes Leki?” responds the inhabitant of the dusky hole. No sound seems to be utterable from anything in Nirn. The storm outside the safety of the cave no longer echo’s through the ears of the Ra Gada, sitting silently, eyes fixated upon the newly vibrating puddle.

The only thing seemingly in existence started to engulf Our Hero. Yet the expression on his wizened face was nothing but peace. As the puddle finally engulfed him whole, it started to violently shake. Suddenly it all came splashing down with a force great enough to wetten all of the camp, and the cave was left sopping wet. And the Ra Gada, nowhere to be found.

Our Hero, having no recollection of where he was, awoke upon the now dry furs of his bedroll. The skorpion meat from yesterday’s trek was helping him recuperate from last nights occurrence. Light from the morning sun was ricocheting into the depths of the cave, which seemed abyssal in the twilight before. He could smell the dampness from the explosive puddle which gave way to his expedition the night before.

All he could remember from the vision Leki had given him was of an ancient guild hall, one he’d only ever seen from afar. The building was that of the Scenarist, a guild of bards and minstrels. It resided in the Dragontail Mountains, so he packed up and set out. What troubled him was a part of the projection that he didn't understand. But he assumed that the haze he was presented with was of chaotic descent...


Deep in the Dragontail Mountains, Our Hero emerges from thick brush. Setting his eyes upon the Scenarist Guild Hall, he became exuberant, for the trek had been exhausting. When he came to the gate, a man on the other side asked stated, “What is your business here?” “I seek answers to the visions i’ve received,” he retorted. “Visions... From who? or What?” “From Leki.” “Leki?”... the man said quizzically, “Who are you?’’ “My name is unimportant. But you probably know me by a name the troubled people of the Alik’r have given me.” “Wait, that sword.... you must be.... The Forgotten Sage?”

Our Hero nodded his head in agreement. And the man behind the gate had allowed him to pass through the magical barrier. Ecstatically the gate warden asked, “Is it true, your sword? Is it really from Leki herself?” “I Find that to be true.” “It’s amazing. The artwork, so elegant. So what brings the Sage of the Alik’r himself out here?” “I need help discerning many visions over the years i’ve received from Leki, but i can only reveal these truths to your master of riddles.” “Yes of course sir, i’ll take you to him right away.”

After a month and a half Our Hero finally emerges from the Guild Hall.
Now knowing his purpose in the world, he sets out toward the province of High Rock. Rumors and evidence that the Ruby Throne has been left open, with no apparent heir to sit upon it. And as wise as the Alik’r say he is, he knows war is coming. And almost unimaginably his resent for battle seems to have been exorcised from his very being. He mutters "A storm is coming."
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