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The Forsaken Legion
The Forsaken Legion

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by EmirikolTheChaotic.
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About The Forsaken Legion
Main Requirements to join The Forsaken Lore
Years of living in solitude only feeling misery and anger have hardened us both mentally and physically.We feel no pain, and show no mercy but a swift painless death...We were once thought to be cowards and wretched animals, now we are known everywhere for our strict code and brutality...We are the forsaken, lost in time and lost to life...We are the forsaken whom death itself dare not touch...We are the forsaken AND OUR TIME IS NOW!
Guild Site ~ ~
We are a new lore friendly close knit guild that values Honor,Bravery,and Loyalty.We also do accept MOST play styles. Meta gamers and trollers are not welcome here even though we may joke around a bit we do take this seriously.
~Ranks~ (Top=Highest Bottom=Lowest)
1-Respect fellow guildmates
2-Speak proper english (not how r u bb?ttyl!)
3-Obey your commanding officer and or captain
4-Members Soldier+ must help fight for the crown
5-Don't ask for a rank or be de-ranked
6-ALL members must make an account on the guild site!
-Played at least one of these: Morrowind,Oblivion,Skyrim
-Has an okay understanding of the TES lore
-Has skype
-Will participate in guild events ( at least weekly events, daily events are optional)
-Is part of the Ebonheart pact of course (Dunmer,Nord,Argonian)
-Roleplaying is optional
There was not 1 creator of the Legion, but many...Dahlun Moonblade, Vjorn Jostenguurd, On-Wan Mudtail, Theovald Battlehammer, and lastly Muldyne Indala. They were all outcasts forced to leave their homes and never return...An unlikely group was formed:Criminals,cultists,and royalty all sharing the same campfire and the same food as they traveled deep into the mountains of skyrim.Once they reached their destination (An abandoned priory high up in the mountains)they began to notice strange things happening around the priory but thought nothing of it, they lived in peace for five fortnights before things got bad...They started having terrible nightmares all with the same shaded figure...He...It spoke only of death and horror as he slowly took away their will and eventually their sanity.First went Vjorn, he slit his own throat with some sort of strange ceremonial dagger in the chapel.They soon found rune markings and a note written with blood on the wall "Soon my pretties...Soon you will aaalll be mine!" Next came Muldyne, she drowned herself in the well. They found the same rune markings and another blood note "One by one they go...Always watching I am but never do they see!" This frightened the rest of them so much that for weeks they refused to sleep or leave the main building.Until one fateful night when Theovald and On-Wan could not take being sober for one more second they decided that if they both went into the cellar the creature wouldn't dare attack them...They were more than wrong, the second they stepped into the cellar the torches bew out and a loud ear piercing scream could be heard from all the way upstairs.Dahlun had almost gotten down the stairs when theovald came bursting up through the door way taking himself and Dahlun out into the freezing bitter frostfall night.Theovald try'ed to explain what happend but it just wouldn't come out.After sunrise had come they bot decided that they would venture into a tunnel that Theovald had supposedly seen the creature drag On-Wan into.They had grabbed only the gear that they felt was necessary for their adventure.After they had been walking around fighting random lesser monsters for what seemed like AGES they finally came across a tomblike shrine.When they got closer too it greed got the better of Theovald and he reached for the gleaming black waraxe that was floating above the shrine.He was sucked into the dark black pool of liquid that resided in the shrine and is thought to be dead.Dahlun payed no attention to what appeared to be a rusty waraxe to him and instead read the tome laying on the shrine.After reading the first line of runes on the tome a clawed and grabbed his shoulder and threw him back...Now he saw what this creature really was, it was a lich.He quickly un-sheathed FrostBite and swung as hard as he could with his legendary blade.But he did not prevail, the blade shattered upon just nearing the lich and it cackled as it slowly drained is life.Out of nowhere the lich screeches and turns to dust leaving just its robes and mask behind.Dahlun barely escaped with his life that night, but he left with a token from his savior.This group and all their kin would be forever lost...Forever forgotten by life and time and love...They would be forever forsaken.There is now a right of passage to join The Legion, anyone who is not of Forsaken blood must drink forsaken blood from the goblet of the dusk.
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