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The Foundation - Ebonheart Pact - EU - Uncle Nehemia wants skilled PvP'ers

Started by Nehemia
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
From hands down veteran gaming to pure enjoyment

The Foundation is seeking skilled PvP'ers to join our ranks. We will roll on Ebonheart Pact, and primary function on EU timezones (however, we do not restrict our player s to EU). Even though the guild is lore-based, we do not require lore or roleplaying from ours members. If you enjoy organized PvP that seeks perfection with a casual and friendly environment, do continue reading.

Our core principles strive for quality in a casual and friendly environment. To us, a competitive level of gaming is a way to pass time while enjoying the game to its fullest. We aren't looking to become a large organisation, but to strive as a small-scale expert. The lore part comes in afterwards. We seek to act as an antagonist within the Ebonheart faction, whilst in trivial way assist the Ebonheart Pact on its conquest to rule the White-Gold Tower. To these ends it is one of our principles to provide quality lore- and role-play experiences to our faction members of the same megaserver pocket. However we do not require role or loreplaying from our members, but simply wish them to have respect for our members who do. In addition to this, we do not require anyone to get the vampire perk at the cost of their character efficiency.

Intrigue and mystery, butchery and betrayal. Terror and corruption. Whether the stories will mention us by name or not, our enemies will remember. We were there, spreading chaos in every turn. Not only we seek perfection, but to become complete. I am satisfied, can you say the same?
- Nehemia Kinslayer

Limited recruitment is now open. Head to the guild section (or PM me on TESOF) if you wish to apply

What do we require from our members?
- A good background in gaming, especially of organized and of skilled level.
- Good communication skills
- Maturity and age
- Preferably of EU timezone
- Good understanding and capability of separating gaming and its troubles from the real self

Come, Unstoppable Eraser Rain
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