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The Four Horsemen

Started by Powerpound14
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Hi, This is my first ever piece of fan fiction hope you like it,

The Four Horsemen

Chapter 1
A Strange Encounter:

One Windy Night in Skyrim, A lonely Imperial is Limping along the path just south of Falkreath. “what have I done” he whispers chilled to the bone by skyrim’s unforgiving winds. ” I must make it’ I must”

Then out of the Corner of his eye, He Spots The Gate to the City of The Dead ,Falkreath a Town famous for the Extraordinary size of the graveyard and the unusual number of the dead within it. As He struggle’s to make it to the Gate he notices Two Ebonheart Guards Frisking travelers. “Damn it This wont be easy” .He Knew He Couldn’t be caught by the guard but he was in no condition to fight or Sneak Past them. He must act quickly however as the Town Gate was Fast approaching .During his Time with the Imperial Army However, he had learned some unusual things and knew exactly what to do.30 yards from the Gate ,He knelt by the side of the road as he spoke in the Ancient Ayleid Tongue. “lattahilyat-goria” and as he spoke the imperial Clicked his Fingers and a Bolt of dim light sparked in his hands. The imperial suddenly clapped his hands together and the bolt of light disappeared only to reappear in front of the guards .The Guards stare at the bolt of light as it starts to circle them .The bolt goes faster and faster around the guards becoming a dim blur then the bolt slowly starts to move towards the woods taking the guards with it.

The Stranger Watches as the Guards are Led away by the distracting light and proceeds to get up and start to make his way into Falkreath. However as he enters the town , He suddenly feels very faint. The spell he used to distract the guards along with his many injuries had drained him of all energy. He knew he must find shelter lest the guards find him. He stumbles to the nearest building and knocks Bleakly on the back door and whispers “help …please” Just Before The Imperial Blacks out .The door creaks open .A Distrusting looking Nord Woman whispers “Who’s There”.

As the Nord woman spots the Stranger Collapsed at her feet. She yells “Hefra, Come Quick”

A Quick Spirited Young Nord Woman enters “yes, Ignta” .

As she enters the back room she spots the Imperial. “By The 8 DIVINE who is that ?”

“Quick drag him in” .

As Hefra Drags the man in, Ignta is able to get a better look at the man. He was barley in his twenties 21,22 at most .He wore a long dark cloak with some Medium Armor Hidden Underneath both the Cloak and armor were heavily Damaged. Inside the man’s Satchel were Assorted Alchemical Powders, Gold and Scrolls written in a language she couldn’t even Comprehend .He carried a Light Steel Sword a “Scholar Type Sword” if you will, but it glowed with an Strange Golden light and upon closer inspection had magical Marks moving along the Blade.

As Hefra Finishes making a bed up for the man.

Ignta says “Hefra go get the man some drink and food.”

“yes mum”

As Hefra Scurries off .Ignta stores all of the mans items in her storage chest and as she is organizing the chest she thinks about the man and his apparent situation . She thinks to herself “Are you crazy you don’t have any clue, who this guy is you don’t like New Customers in your bar, let along random people who pass out on your back door” but besides the fact the Ignta was essentially a good Soul and wouldn’t leave a man to die on her back door step. There was just something about him and he definitely didn’t appear poor .The armor he was wearing alone was probably 2000 Gold. After all she wasn’t exactly making a huge living running her inn. Who Knows if she helped heal this guy and allowed him to stay maybe she could get some coin out of him, and if he refused to pay she would report him to the guard because obviously he was in some kind of Trouble. So for now she would keep him in the back room and only her and Hefra would know of him.

So Ignta Crushes her doubts and finishes organizing all the mans belongings in her storage chest. Just at that moment Hefra Comes into the room with a tray laden with meats and cheese and a flask of water .She Sets the tray down on a Nearby End Table

“Hefra you are not to mention this man to anyone is that understood”

“yes Ignta”

Hefra Goes to Close the Back door ,but ignta stops her “its okay Darling, ill get the door you go back to waiting on our customers”

As Ignta Goes to close The Door ,she Notices a Parcel on the ground “Must have missed this” she says as she picks the parcel up and closes the door and locks it behind her. She Tries to untie the parcel but cant ,she notices there’s a glint on the parcel .It has the same sort of markings that were on the strangers sword. However even more unnerving she was starting to get a feeling that whatever was in this parcel was not good at all it kind of pulsed a feeling that made her uneasy and scared.

“Wow Look at Me Getting Scared of A Sack” Ignta Thinking she had to much mead threw The parcel into the trunk and left to give the man some time to rest.

Unbenounced to the Old Nord that parcel would be the subject of much terror to come…..
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Pretty good. I very much like the air of mystery you've got and hope to see the next chapter.

The Kynaran Order
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The Four Horseman

Chapter 2

“The Scholar”

“Hefra fetch me some water, i think hes awakening”

“okay Ignta”

The imperial eyes fluttered as he started to stir from his sleep. Hefra walked in just as the imperial opened his eyes. The imperial upon seeing the strange women tried to get up but groaned and fell back into the bed and started screaming:


“Ysgramor’s beard Calm down” yelled Ignta

The imperial stopped shouting though he still looked scared and defensive;so before he could start screaming again Ignta Spoke

“My name is Ignta and this is my servant Hefra;you are in the town of falkreath.I discovered your sickly corpse outside my back door.I took you in and had your wounds Attended too;you have been unconscious for three days.” ”So now that i have answered all your blasted questions;may i ask you what you were doing passed out by my door.”

The imperial gives her a shifty look ,

“i’m sorry but i must be going” he said as he tried to stand again and again failed and fell back onto the bed.

“The medicine my healer gave you needs a day to work itself through your body.” ”Unfortunately you will be unable to travel until tonight.” replied Ignta looking pretty smug. ”Fortunately that gives us time to talk,Now you can talk to me or the Ebonheart guards outside; your choice”

The nord woman looked fierce and uncompromising, He knew she would see right through his weak lies,so he decided on the truth or at least a part of it

“My name is Rocku and i’m a traveling scholar specializing in ancient races .” He directed his attention to hefra,”Could you please hand me that jug of water please hefra.” She handed it to him and he proceeded to take a large drink from it. “thank you” replied Rocku

“I was based in Cyrodill mainly,but with the alliances growing in power; i feared cyrodill would no longer be safe,so i packed up all my belongings and left.” “i decided to come to skyrim because i heard rumors of rare alyeid ruins, and i also would like to explore the dwarven settlements and the dwarves connection to the snow elves as well”

“So how did you get hurt ,if you don’t mind me asking” said Ignta

“I was on my way to the mages guild up here,I believe you locals refer to it as “The College Of Winterhold” and alas i was attacked by bandits on my way here and being an “Imperial” :the guards would sooner look at their boots than help me” ”So i sneaked into falkreath and ended up by your back door.”

“i would also like to thank you for taking me in, by the way where are my belongings”

Ignta looked up,she was so engrossed with the mans story;she had become dazed

“My Belongings” repeated Rocku

“My Apologies,They are in the trunk next to you , some of the items were scattered on the ground . ” “i hope you don’t mind but i did have to go through some of them”

“Not at all ,not at all;Its perfectly okay” replied Rocku

“Hefra” Rocku asked “could you hand me that small sack please” she hands him the sack

“thank you”says rocku.

He then proceeds to through a couple of coins in the bag;wrapping his hands around the bag. He mutters a strange Phrase “sunna-sancregandra” the sack begins to slowly bulge till it is about double the size of the original sack..He hands this to Ignta “This should cover my expenses and serve as a just reward for what you have done for me”

Ignta Opens The sack and is surprised to see it filled with gold.

“There must be 5000 gold in here” whispers Ignta Here eyes the size of dinner plates.

“How” asked Hefra

Rocku smiled; “When i was studying the Alyeid language.” “I realized that the language shared many similarities with Dweremis (the Dwarven language).”

“I went exploring the Dwemer ruins of Hammerfell and discovered that the dwarves there were experimenting with alyeid magic.”They were trying to harness the alyeid power for their great machines and weapons’.They were also trying to mix the languages and magics to suit their needs. “The spell i just used was one i discovered in a great dwarven library in Volenfell”.”It allows me to replicate any object as much as i want as long as i have a base item to replicate from”

Ignta looked please with her gold

“well , i never though i would say this but ;thanks for passing out by my back door” said the astounded Ignta

Rocku Laughed loudly;

“not at all,not at all;now if you would excuse me”. “i wish to pack and then get some sleep its a long journey to winterhold”

“of course,Come,Hefra lets leave Rocku to his packing” as Ignta shuts rocku’s door,

Hefra whispers “Im getting a bad feeling from the man ,Something about him is not right”

“Relax Hefra, Than man just handed us more gold than this place makes in 6 months,now albeit he’s a little strange but gold is gold”

“Now get back to work”

Chapter 3


Later that night,

Rocku had just finished packing; ignta’s healers potion just wearing off now.

“Var-goria” instantly Rocku’s physical features shifted and morphed .His distictive black hair turned golden blond, his lightly tanned skinned turned pale white as well as growing a full beard. Rocku checked himself out in the standing mirror next to his bed smiling; confident he could pass for any young nord male.He Grabbed his Equipment:Attaching his sheathed sword to his belt and storing all his healing and poisoning reagents in his pouch;which also attached to his belt. “one last check on the supplies” muttered rocku. He wanted to make sure the nord women didn’t steal anything.”it seems like everythings here”said rocku as he was packing everything into his Travel Satchel .”wait….where is it” rocku’s expression went from confident to scared in an instant.”Where is it” “please akatosh oh please let me find it” as he his going through the chest; he spots a medium sized sack “Thank The Divines” praised Rocku picking up the Magically protected sack . He added the sack to his travel satchel and after one last check on all his gear .He turned and opened his door and walked out;taking a seat at the bar.

“hefra” he called

“Do i know you sir” she replied

“its Rocku” he said as hefra’s eyes became a light with curiosity.

“but how..”

“No time,listen i just wanted to thank you and ignta one last time and would you be a dear and pour me a drink” he replied

She smiled at rocku and poured him a drink then went to fetch ignta. Rocku sees ignta following behind hefra “hey ignta,thanks again for…”

Suddenly an Echoing BOOM was heard and the ground gave such a violent shake;That almost every customer in the bar fell from their chair.

“WHAT IN MUNDUS WAS THAT” yelled Ignta.At that precise moment ,a boulder the size of a horse cart crashed through the bar and with a bone shattering sound slammed ingta into the wall. Ignta was clearly dead.

“NO”cried hefra as she knelt next to Ignta’s lifeless body.

“We must leave NOW” Rocku said pulling on her arm; but she wasn’t paying him any attention.She was staring at a figure in the distance.

The Man was Orcish about 8 ft tall and he had a look in his eyes. A look that showed barley controlled wild Bloodthirsty anger that could be unleashed at a moments notice.He was clad in Heavy armor From Head to Toe. The armor was made out of a mysterious Jet Black Metal that Hefra had never seen before though even from this distance she could see it had the same markings as Rocku’s sword.The man’s Helm was adorned with spikes and his chestplate was composed of multiple layers and over it he wore a bandoleer of skulls; mer and elven in various stages of decomposition. His entire armor was also covered in this Dried Red-substance;which hefra took to be blood. He wielded a impossibly Large 7 ft warhammer ;the hammer was bronze colored but clearly not bronze because it seemed to pulse a certain feeling that was very unsettling somehow.The only other weapons he carried were at his hips, two silver daggers.The thing that scared hefra most however was how the man walked.That armor should have been impossible for anyone to wear mer or eleven and just then the man turns and starts to walk towards the bar. A vision enters hefras mind, she sees the man battling and killing thousands with his great hammer their blood watering the dry desert sands and she sees the souls of his countless victims scream in Pain as the warrior banishes them to a void so dark akatosh himself could not escape.

“Cmon Hefra we must go” yelled Rocku hefra’s vision ended as the Warrior starts to walk towards the bar. At that moment a 4 man squad of Ebonheart guards approached the warrior and circled him.”lower your weapons, your coming with us” spoke the lead guard The Warrior spoke in a voice so cold it chilled hefra to the bone “i am only here for the being known as Rocku” Hefra quickly looks up to rocku to see his face turn a ghostly white color. “Release him to me and i give you my word, i will leave in peace”.

“I said ,put down your weapons Daggerfall Scum” shouted the guard.

“i See i have no choice”said the warrior as he drew his hammer from its sheath.

The Warrior suddenly swings the hammer violently hitting the lead guard right under the chin sending his entire body soaring into the air. As the second guard moves in and thrusts his blade at the warrior.The warrior takes a step back at the same time pulling back on the hammer.The second guard charges him just before the second guard reaches him; the warrior lets loose his hammer timing his strike perfectly and making contact with the lead guard as he fell back down to nirn .The lead guard is catapulted into the second guard and both of them go flying and crash into the Jarls longhouse. The third guard,an argonian hissed “you shall die for killing my brothers”

“you show Courage”said the warrior as he stored his hammer away on his back “your death shall be quick” The argonian lunges as the warrior takes a sidestep grabbing the argonians arm and throwing him head-first into a tree.The warrior then starts to twirl his hand;sand and dirt spooling up from the ground interlacing his fingers.He points to the argoninan and the sand falls from his fingers wrapping around the argonian like a snake.The warrior closes his fist and as he does the sand and dirt solidify.The argonian was helpless on his knees trapped by earth ,only his head was untouched.”i promised you a quick death and you shall have it” said the warrior reaching for his hammer. Just then the warrior is struck with an arrow to the shoulder.”YOU DARE STRIKE ME” Roared the warrior. The fourth guard had cleverly taken refuge behind the ruined longhouse. The warriors gaze was enraged eyes alight with fire and from his hand he formed a fiery Chain that Reached out and grabbed the guard.The warrior then yanked the chain pulling the guard into his awaiting Silver dagger.”You dare STRIKE ME YOU INSOLENT PEASANT” Roared the warrior stabbing the man repeatedly;the final stab pinning the man to the tree.The warrior Breathed Deeply And as he exhaled not air but FIre,A fiery breath just like a dragon turning the tree and the man To ash; the only thing surviving was his dagger.The warrior then turned his attention to the trapped argonian unsheathing his second dagger. “What are you” whimpers the guard. The warrior with his left hand grips the argonians horns. “what am i” he said,

“I am War ” he says shoving the dagger into his neck and twisting it to violently ripp off his head.The warrior attaches the head to his bandoleer and looks up spotting hefra and rocku hiding behind the bar.

“we have to go now” says rocku literally picking up hefra and retreating into the back room .Rocku sets her down and pulls out a piece of chalk and begins to draw a weird symbol on the floor.

“Cmon, Cmon” says rocku frustratingly

The door is bashed open, Splinter fly everywhere; The warrior raises his hammer

“NO” he shouts as Rocku grabs Hefra and steps unto the glowing rune and dissapears

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