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The Fox

Started by Foll Fox
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Firstname - Malar
Surname - Unknown
Title - The Fox, Foll Fox
Sex - Male
Age - Unknown
Occupation - Thief/Assassins
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - Slender, Blood Red Eyes. wears a black cloak over leather armor that is blackened, long white hair.
Personality - Tends to be the quiet type but will speak up if he must.
Social Background/Backstory - His past is unknown to him, he was a young man when he was taken from his home. He knows not whom his parents are, nor does it matter to him. He was taken in by a group of rouge assassins that was comprised of a multitude of races that would become his family. He was trained in the art of the shadows and how to disappear into a crowd. His life was well endowed with great companions and he was renowned for his skills with stealth. After a long period of great prosperity with the group disaster befell the group. A small clan of vampires fell upon the assassins and wiped almost every single assassin out. The vampires saw power in Fox and a few others so they gave them a chance to join the vampires clan. Fox and the remaining agreed and after being transformed they used their new found strength and their skills they had trained over years to destroy the clan. Fox and what was left of the assassins buried the dead. The group tried to rebuild but the rest of the world wanted nothing to do with them and began to try and kill them. After years of hiding, a band of nords found the group and killed them all, unlucky for Fox who had been out hunting animals for the group to feed on. Fox killed the nords and then disappeared only to reappear when he was needed.
Best Memory - Fighting along side his "family" of assassin.
Worst Memory - Loss of his "family"
Skills - Archery, One Handed weapons, Illusion spells.
Challenges for the Character - Vampirism, Light
Birthsign The Shadow
Religious Views Follows Nocturnal and Sheogorath
Politics Views Has not had worries about the politic until most recently
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