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The Frost Hag

Started by Frejya Egildottir
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She spat out a curse that would’ve made her father laugh his throat sore, for three days she’d been searching these damned mountains. She wore a scarf around her neck, covering her cheeks below her ice blue eyes as she stalked through the frozen passage. She actually missed the warm inn that she’d left behind. She missed the mead and the warmth from the fire and perhaps even a strong man’s embrace, she gave a short chuckle at that as she finally came through the passage and its howling wind.

She could see something ahead, something forming within the howling snowstorm that enveloped it in its grasp.

Grim and Fir as always stood by her side as she watched the strange building ahead which she couldn’t from this distance determine its origin, the two wolves black as midnight stood as tall to her waist. Grimm and Fir she’d stumbled upon in young age and they have stumbled upon her. But with fate perhaps they’d been become like family in thick and thin. “… What do you two think?” she asked the two as she gazed upon the ruin, it was of Nordic origin. Grimm watched ahead, his eyes never fading away from the mist like something would approach. Fir watched Frejya with her kind eyes; Freyja put her hand on Fir’s head and smiled at the black wolf with its kind eyes. “I don’t like this either, but I don’t see any other choice.” She said with a smile although it had been uttered quietly with doubt in her voice. “Grimm you’ll stay here with Fir and wait for my signal.” she said with a nod to the proud wolf that was Grimm, she could already see how the wolf had dismissed that particular command from his mind. She simply just grinned as she walked down the slight slope. She narrowly avoided falling into a ditch, she looked upon the great temple as she begun to make her way for it.
It was huge, something like this she’d never seen before in her life. She however wondered whatever for menace that might be awake or still sleeping within its burrows and what for horrors that her feet might wake in her passing.

As she made her way up, she could skeletons lying upon the stairwell in the dozens, she knew that bandits from time to time came to make this place their home but recently they’d been avoiding it, speaking about like it being haunted.
She could hear a muffed bark behind her and as she turned around she saw Grimm trotting up the stairwell and then ahead of her. Fir looked up at her as she stayed by her side. Frejya looked down at the female wolf with a smirk. “Men.” she whispered.

She felt nothing but dread as she stepped into the inner chamber, everywhere she could see the corpses of men and women who had perhaps like her foolish decided to come to this place, one or a two even looked fresh.
But she knew already what she was here for. She was after someone who very much enjoyed living in isolated places like this. Frejya didn’t care about the hag’s name because she called the woman a witch or simply a hag. If she felt generous she calls the woman a frost hag.

She stood in the inner chamber, looking around before lilting a torch, the light gave away more details inside the chamber but she simply tossed it towards a cauldron which burst into flame, now it was only to wait.

The woman had milky colored eyes that lacked any kind of irises, even with that her steps was perfect and well-balanced the woman’s grace was unbelievable. “Your brother has not come to visit lately.” The woman hissed through her teeth, the woman was beautiful but also terrifying. Frejya rolled her eyes with a moan. “My brother is away.” She simply replied as she backed away from the ever-approaching woman, mad bitch might attempt to gauge my eyes out she thought as she held her hand behind her back closed on a dagger hilt.
“… You will do for this evening.” The woman whispered, the woman had a blonde hair that fell indeed upon a very graceful form, she snapped out of it. “I believe we have conservation in order.” Frejya bite back, pushing the woman back. “Every time my brother leaves, especially from these chambers he leaves in haste.” Frejya looks at the woman. “But I believe now that he might actually do so just to puke.”
The woman let out a chuckle that echoed through the chamber. “Well, why in oblivion would I tell such a gutter spawn rat as you anything?” Frejya simply shook her head. “I ought to believe him stupid. Actually I ought to kill the fool if it turns out to be a romantic love affair between the two of you.” Frejya watched the woman who for the passing time seemingly to become enrage. “However this time, my brother turns out missing and if you dare to tell me nothing, I shall grind the answers from your forked tongue.”

((All grammatical errors and spelling mistakes shall be smitten and fixed!”))
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I like how Frejya's wolves have distinct personalities of their own that Freyja can interact with. They're much more interesting as they are not just single minded pets!

I'll look forward to seeing more of this story and the reason for the brother's disappearance! It's a compelling mystery with a steadfast warrior and a manipulative hag...

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Yay for a Frejya-story! Nice work, and am looking forward to reading more :D

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