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The Gold Hand (Cross Faction) All aspects and also looking for commanders as well.

Started by Dcfan200
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Ebonheart Pact
We're the Gold Hand.A guild for trading and services.We're a merc guild.We get paid to do our trade and services for the rich and wealthy (even mid class people can hire us)

We can be hired by anyone,even those outside the EP.

The person getting paid has 50% go to the guild bank and 50% goes to the goes the hired person of choice.Also,guild/alliance members get a 50% off discount for hiring someone else.

We're recruiting for any faction and have 5 groups to do jobs.
We're PS4 only and also the groups will have a leader from each faction to handle matters on other factions.

We have a trade alliance with the Shadow Triad and the Silverlights.You may trade with them as well.Here's there links: and

In another tab are our groups.You must choose a group! If not,we would think you're taking advantage of our discounts!

Check out our groups alright.Also we welcome any player! So,don't have our NA area discourage you!
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