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The gro-Mar - DK Off-Tank CC

Started by AsiAticStaTiC
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Hey guys,

So today I decided to come here to post the build for the DK I am currently working on, have my Templar at level 32 I was getting pretty tired of healing during dungeons. Therefore, I created this DK in an attempt to take on a new role. I've never been the one to take the role of the main tank so that's why its my aim to create somewhat of an off-tank/off-damage CC role. This could be viable within a dungeon group because of its ability to target and mow down a signal target almost all alone. This is important because as well all know, when fighting bosses, they have some pretty power adds with them. It would be the job of the "gro-Mar" to take these guys out. So enough with the background for now, I'll go into the build and explain what each skill's function is.

1. Stampede (Morphed form of Critical Charge) - Stampede is your charge in skill, making sure you get to the adds before the other DPS does, this is used as soon as possible after the tank aggros the group. This starts a very nice chain of enemy immobilization.

2. Volatile Armor (Morphed form of Spiked Armor) - Volatile Armor is another source of damage, but it also your source of survival when things get a little iffy. I chose Volatile Armor over Razor Armor because this role is not meant to be the main tank, therefore it would be silly to spec into it. I also chose this one for the armor increase for solo play. This skill is meant to be used directly after Stampeding to an add, both for damage, and for the armor increase.

3. Green Dragon Blood (Morphed form of Dragon Blood) - GDB is your life line, its a wonderful sources of healing, and heath regeneration. Most importantly it fuels your stamina heavy skills that are in this build.

4. Dizzying Swing (Morphed form of Uppercut) - Dizzying Swing is the second source of enemy immobilization. This skills provides a stun and a knockback, as well as reduces the damage of the enemy. not only does it provide great shutdown, it also dishes out a substantial amount of damage.

5. Brawler (Morphed form of Cleave) - Brawler is another means of protection while at the same time being a viable source of damage. The skill is used as a damage absorber and as a damage dealer.

Ultimate. Switching from either Standard of Might and Shatter Soul

Armor and Weapon
This build obviously utilizes a two handed weapon, and of course heavy armor, with the spamming of stamina skills it would only make sense to roll heavy armor. Being one of the frontlines you also need a substantial amount of health, which heavy armor provides. Also for this build I decided to make an Orc, for their health and stam boosts. The weapon itself, I have a Glyph of Crushing on it, this glyph reduces the armor of the enemy for x amount for y seconds. Another great way to shutdown and teardown the enemy.

Build Usage
I setup the skillset so that it flows nicely and that it goes in order. Wait for the tank to jump in, run into use 1, followed by 2 and 3, and then cycling between 4 and 5 to take down your target, while using 3 again as need, as 2 usually lasts the duration of the fight.

More In-Depth Explanation
Like I said earlier, the purpose of this build was to create an off-tank/off-damage CC, something to quickly takedown the important adds, adds such as healers and AoE nuking mages. Between Stampede and Dizzying Swing, your enemy is literally disabled until the time of death, and thats what I love about it!

I would absolutely love all the input I can get on this build, as to how to improve it and make it even better. If you have any questions for me just ask and I'll answer it to the best of my ability.

Thanks for reading!

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