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The High Wanderers

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvE, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by nlevesque3.
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About The High Wanderers
The High Wanderers is an adventure group started by Zurrek Levesque and his wife, Rikku Levesque.
Our group was started to gather all of the wanderers of Tamriel together in a unified alliance to wander high... and low together.
We have 420 core values which will be revealed to you... in time.


The High Wanderers was started by a (irl) husband and wife couple who play on weeknights after work and weekends. We mostly do PvE, quests, dungeons, etc... and help out anyone who needs a helping hand.

We're very laid back, and like to play with our noise-cancelling headphones in first person (for immersion) - so if you see us hanging out in a big red enemy circle AoE like idiots, either laugh at us or heal us :)

Honestly could not care less if we have 2 or 200 members, we will be running around Tamriel having a good time regardless (but the more the merrier! Come adventure with us and enjoy playing the game!)
Just don't get mad when we listen to every NPC - after all it's rude to just say "Goodbye" to someone mid-sentence, even a non-sentient set of binary data.
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