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The Horde

Started by stevezke
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
PvP,PvE,Crafting,Ingame community every 25mems 1 admin with 5 base admins to start

pose below this comment if you want to join ^_^

no the guild name is not a WoW reference though it does mean the same thing we are going to be mainly an orc guild with blood-kin who are refferd by an orc player orcs get in straight away with no requirement's even at end game (if there is a slot available) blood-kins count as orcs ranks are as follow

1/ Horde Warlord
2/Orsimer warchief/blood-kin general (admins)
3 Orsimer warrior/ blood-kin fighter (high level players who are know in the guild)
4 Orsimer /blood-kin (preaty much your standerd member rank)
5 Orsimer new blood ( orcs who just join the horde)
6 blood-kin trial (for new blood kins just joining leveling with orcs and getting them to vouch for you will increase your rank)


3 Vouch=blood-kin
10 or by combat=blood-Kin fighter
Horde decision by vote or by combat (combat will be voted on or you volunteer)

Combat: if you dont have enough vouches as a blood-kin you can fight an orc higher or at the same level as you to gain their vouch E.g you have 9 vouch's missing 1 so you fight someone who didnt vouch for you and gain that 1 but if you lose, you lose all previous vouches for the day same goes for if you were 5 off but won 4 and lost your last it resets

Raidcall: is the voice chat system we use
The Horde_TESO
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