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The Iliac Order [DC-NA RP/PVP/PVE]

Started by Cadrexion
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The Iliac Order is a Heavy RP guild which will be based on the North American megaserver in the Daggerfall Covenant. Although our main focus will be roleplaying, we also aim to be competitive in PVP, though that is not a requirement for membership.

Our guild is a Knightly Order like the ones you would encounter in Daggerfall, though we have both a military and civilian arm allowing both combat and non-combat focused characters to join.

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  • Knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore
  • Previous roleplay experience or able to demonstrate ability to properly RP
  • Character is not of an evil alignment
  • Character is not a Vampire or Werewolf
  • Applicant tolerates all religions and doesn't harbor anti-gay or racist feelings OOC

In addition to this there is also an application on the guild website that must be filled out, though it is quite similar to the above list and just serves as Mary Sue filter. It should be noted that our guild does not have an age requirement, but maturity is expected.

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The aim of the Iliac Order is to provide a place where one has the freedom to roleplay their character as they wish without compromise due to guild structure and a safe haven where the drama of the larger community can be avoided. The guild is structured so that just about any type of character can fit in and network with others of similar interest and the leadership system has been designed so that there is never an abuse of power and to ensure that everyone will have a say in guild direction and one will never feel unwelcome among us.

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The Iliac Order has two branches of membership; The Military Arm for soldiers, knights, spies and the like, the Civilian Arm for craftsmen, scholars, entertainers and workers. A magic using character could find his or her way into either branch without any difficulty. Each arm has their own ranks and means of advancement.


Civilian Arm:
  • Associate
  • Journeyman
  • Member
  • Adept

Military Arm:
  • Squire
  • Guardian
  • Man-At-Arms
  • Lieutenant


Head of the Civilian Arm. In charge of Civilian membership and ranking and the Order's money and resources.

Head of the Military Arm. In charge of Military membership and ranking and strategies, tactics and battle plans.

Arbiter (Laelette):
Handles internal disputes and ensures that both arms work efficiently.

Ambassador (Eiddew):
Maintains relationships with other organizations and handles outside hires such as mercenaries or spies.

Grand Master (Catdrexion):
Head of the Council, traditional leader of the Order. Works with the Champion on military tactics and with the Foreman on matters relating to income and resource management.

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In response to the invasion of Durcorach the Black Drake, a Reachman warlord, five mercenary companies from Wayrest pooled their resources to form a militia to better defend their city. When the barbarian were repelled, the leaders of these five companies were knighted and they formed the Knightly Order of the Iliac Bay, the predecessor of the Iliac Order.

In the beginning the Order was solely a military organization dedicated to hunting down the Reachman and the lesser Daedra of the region, but when resources began to stretch thin, the Grand Master began admitting civilian craftsmen into the Order. These men would pay a monthly membership fee and send one third of their product to the Order and in exchange they would receive raw materials, protection and training, whatever they needed to operate to the best of their ability.

With the addition of the Civilian Arm, the Order was able to keep their coffers filled and their supplies steady and they began to see a rise in membership. By 2E 580 there were roughly fifty knights and one hundred foot soldiers in the Military Arm and twice that in civilian membership. They began to have great success on the battlefield, but they gradually became too bold and in one battle that could have been a decisive victory for the Covenant they lost all but a dozen knights. When word reached the Civilian arm, most of them set out on their own.

While the Order is now bankrupt, broken and it's ranks scattered, the few that survived are rebuilding so that they may aid the Covenant in the coming war.

(The full version can be found on the website)

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The focus of our guild is Heavy RP. There will be weekly events or meetings which both branches may attend and also events for each branch. Obviously walk up or casual RP will happen whenever as well and we also encourage our members to set up and run their own events.

Aside from RP, we plan to get deep into PVP, though Emperorship isn't a goal. We will also participate in any PVE/Dungeon that we come across, but it will not be a focus unless enough of our members want it to be. Crafting is also a priority and I hope that we'll be able to make a name for ourselves as tradesmen as Zenimax intended with their auction system.

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Link to our website hosted on Shivtr.

You can also get in touch with any of the other officers for information. Catdrexion is the Grand Master, Eiddew is the Ambassador and Lawdlette is our Arbiter.
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