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The Imperial Remnant - Daggerfall Covenant - North America [PvP/PvE/Crafting/Social]

Started by Guardiangamer
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About the Imperial Remnant:

The Imperial Remnant is a new guild with nothing backing it but a person with an idea. What is that idea? A bastion for the soldiers, a market for the crafters, a tavern for the adventures, a town for the citizens. The basis of this guild is that we represent what is left of the Cyrodiil people. Because Cyrodiil is a battleground for the warring factions, it is not a safe place to live. What I am trying to say (in the Rp sort of sense) is that we want this guild to be able to caters to all types of people, from the hardcore PvP'er to the solo adventurer. Don't worry about your skill or level. Quality players are not born, they are taught. The world of ESO is very vast and I hope that you can join me in trying to make this vision a reality.

Does this mean the guild has no goal?

Of course not. If you do PvP or Rp, I would ask you to join in the quest to march on the Imperial City and claim the title of Emperor for the rightful inheritors of the Ruby Throne.

Want to Join?

Since this guild is just starting up, it is not as organized as much larger and experienced guilds. If you still would like to join up, all are welcome just head on over to our site and just follow some basic rules.


Be friendly and respectful towards your fellows. Able to take criticism or advice from others and work together as a team.

There is no age restriction, but try to be mature in your conduct.


Run out of membership? Taking a break? Family? These are just some things that might take you away from ESO and the guild. That's okay! We all have lives and things we have to do. If you are going to be gone for a while, let us know. You won't have to worry about removal then. Inactive players who do not tell anyone of their absence will be removed after a month.

Well that's all I can think of at this time. If your interested or have any questions for me then don't hesitate to pm me here or check out The Imperial Remnant Website for any more info.


"Be you Man or Mer, all are welcome. The Empire covered all of Tamriel and shall again. While the Reman Empire has fallen, the spirit of its people is not broken."
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