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The Knights Templar
The Knights Templar

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Thomas Bérard.
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About The Knights Templar
Main How Our Tactics Work Ranks and Positions
We are a Guild made up of Bretish Templars, that means you have to be a Templar class. We accept anyone interested in Tactical PVP, PVE and anyone interested in Roleplaying. This is a Templar only Guild because they are the best at adapting to any situation. We want many people too be orientated to different play styles but at the core we are a Guild that can change from a Tank to a Healer or Healer to DPS or DPS to tank or any other kind of switching roles, this makes the Guild strong. This unique play style will make any assault or raid that much more easier.

May I just say this is by all means not an AC Templar Guild as that is not the view we are going for. We are going for a historically accurate view, not a TES Templar/Paladin but a Templar that helps travellers and caravans on the road, a force that flanks round the edges and changes the battle but also a secretive Guild that has some success in trading and possibly banking if that's possible in game. If mounted combat is involved in game then that will be how we approach a battle, guard the flanks and attack the flanks on horseback. For roleplaying's sake as well we are Knights of the Nine but mainly Akatosh.

We preferably want people who will follow orders without question, those who have some experience with Skyrim, understand the holy trinity, balanced people OF ALL AGES, no hostility between Guild members, and obviously the requirements in the first paragraph. But we also want people to fill special roles which we will explain in another tab, these people, surprisingly, aren't selected for experience with MMO's or TES but for their abilities and traits they have in real life like the ability to plan, lead, organise, etc.

If your interested in joining then message me and if your interested in a special rank then message me what you can bring to that rank and why you would be good at it.
Structure of message:

Game Name
Your TES history
(Optional Special Info depending on what special title you want)
Primary Tank (may change to DPS only, don't recommend him becoming a devoted healer)
Heavy Armour
Two Handed Weapon + Healing Spell on hand
Stand at the front always, you lead the company into battle.

Primary DPS (may change to tank if he has a lot of HP or healer)
Medium Armour
One Handed + Shield + Healing Spell on hand
Stand behind the Tanks, on the flanks and at the rear of the formation, in battle may move in between the Tanks.

Primary Healer (may change to DPS only, don't recommend him becoming a devoted tank)
Medium Armour
One Handed + Shield/Major Healing Spell + Healing Spell
Stand in the middle of the formation so you aren't prone to incoming enemy's, you are there to concentrate on healing.

There tends to be 3-4 ranks of the formation, for example:
Tank Tank Tank
But remeber each player does do their fair share of healing and ranks may be wider to have more healers.
Grand Master (Myself)
Master Templar (2 positions of organisation and command) OPEN OPEN
Commanding Templar (1 needed for every 11 players, position of command) OPEN
Schoolie (3 positions of communication who recruit and teach those new members) OPEN OPEN OPEN
Templar (The ordinary rank)

Templar Ranks (Promoted by any of the above ranks, this ranks system displays how experienced you are):
Leading Templar (Commanding Templars second in command)
Able Templar
Ordinary Templar
Squire (moves up once taught by schoolie)

We also need people to fill the roles of:
Smith (Armour & Weaponary)
These are just sub groups you have on top of your excisting role but each member is required to advance in at least one of the skill trees.
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The Knights Templar Comments
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Good luck with the guild, I hope to see you in Cyrodiil!

Vlos Hithern

Banana Beer! <-- Click for banana beer!
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