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The Last Song of Nehemia Kinslayer - a bard's tale

Started by Nehemia
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Everyone knight deserves to have their ending told, at least once to someone else. The man they called the Kinslayer. Nehemia, the boy who during his ritual to manhood, slaughtered his brothers and sisters mercilessly as a show of strength, allegedly.

He was banished and his honor taken, branded with a name that which would bring any man to shame. I spent much of my time with him, and once asked what he thought of it. He just smiled.

All it begun from an argument with an vampire. I ran into him in the middle of nowhere on a moor. I saw those red eyes, they were storm and rage combined - I fell to the ground and pleaded for my life, for him not to eat me. He laughed and said 'I don't need to, I don't find you appealing.' I found myself offended.

We argued for hours that he is an bloodthirsty animal and therefore would succumb to his thirst, that he would - eventually - bite me regardless of his pretentious benevolence. He kept on insisting that he doesn't have the need or desire to do so to anyone. So we ran to a conclusion the only reasonable course of action would be that I stick around with him and eventually we'd know which one of us was right. As a hindsight perhaps not the brightest of my plans, but I would have never witnessed what I did without it.

We traveled together for years. I didn't see him drain anything's life, not even a butterfly. I had the man spied on while I slept because as I just couldn't believe it, and when I was awake my gaze only left him for the blinks in between. Not even during baths.

In fact, the man was nothing less of a valiant knight who fought for righteousness, a hero cloaked in darkness. I find it less heavy on scales that yes, he did leave behind a mountain of corpses. But the man had honor and a good heart. Yes, there is that mountain of corpses, but mostly to defend himself or others, including me. In fact any confrontation he preferred to keep his blade sheathed. We had a lengthy discussion about it during our day together, while he was digging up the graves of the people I knew he slayed. People I personally saw once or twice as a child myself, even played with one or two. I was born in a nearby village you see.

Then he said out of the blue. 'You'd believe me when I say I actually didn't, no?' and pointed at a bag of skulls he had just collected. I thought it was our final night together, or as if I somehow knew.

I followed him to a barrow, which he opened with a dragon's claw. I quickly came to realize that the space was prepared, and he had just collected the final pieces. He placed the skulls on a pedestal and begun a ritual that appeared most harrowing - as if Sithis himself had entered the room and spit the spirits of the dead to stand before us. Yet each of the disturbed dead seemed to be pleased.

There before me, something I still cannot exactly comprehend, Nehemia returned his friends from black soul gems and not only reanimated the bodies, but gave them breath. It was revealed to me, and his account proven by these reanimated corpses that now had beating hearts that he in fact, never killed his friends - but watched his friends brutally slaughtered before him and have them denied of afterlife they had just proven to be worthy off to the Gods themselves. To add to the insult, the vampire had turned Nehemia, the sole survivor to his liking. Image of the monster he failed to save his friends from.

He hid the gemstones, but brought the heads back for a burial. Nehemia however, could not accept his condition, and found a way through sheer willpower to sustain his body without harming any innocent. For a Daedric Prince was amused by his defiance, as Nehemia withered and went mad in his head, never bending, breaking, or surrendering to the plagues of his mind - preferring to rather suffer all eternity locked in a barrow in solitude instead of partaking in the curse. The prince had enjoyed the spectacle and thus gave what Nehemia called 'a secret syllable of royalty' as a gift, but the Prince did not remove the curse. Nehemia exclaimed that his vessel was of that moment one with the essence of divines themselves - and therefore needed no sustenance, even though his body retained the attributes of vampirism, granting him indefinite lifespan. His friends had heard him in the black soul stones, and the promises he made to save them. He even came for visits in the long dark of the twilight they spent being trapped in the stones, speaking to them how he would keep them safe and comforting them in their anguish. Nehemia shrugged them off saying it was for his own sanity.

Our last words together were simple. 'What now? You have your friends back, your name cleared, promise kept, honor assured and the wounds of your heart can finally heal.' I saw the excited eyes peering around like little children waiting to hear the words. Nehemia smiled and said 'We hunt.' A magical gate appeared out of nowhere behind them, and they stepped through. Our final and only good bye.

Sometimes, you just get lucky.
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