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The LEGION : DC : NA : PvP/PvE

Started by AmericanAvron
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[Image: Logo2-1.png]

General Information.

Guild Name: The L E G I O N
Playstyle: PvP (primary), PvE (secondary)
Minimum Age: 18 (exceptions made)
Voicechat: TeamSpeak 3
Twitter: @thelegiongaming

Who we are.

The L E G I O N, officially The LEGION Gaming, is a close group of gamers dedicated to the best gaming experience possible. We recruit the player, not the character, and this has held true through years of gaming and titles. We have a history rich in success through all aspects of gameplay, and strive to engage our community, wherever that may be, the best we can.

Our guild focuses on building skillful players, mature relationships, and impacting the server from not only a PvP/PvE side, but also as a reputable force in the game itself.

The L E G I O N boasts a strong administrative backbone which allows coordination, social interaction, and talented players a common ground for success. This has often been stated as the reason to our high retention rate, active player base, and in-game honors.

The LEGION Gaming was founded in 2003, with roots as early as 1996. You can read our entire history on our website at

What we are looking for.

We are looking to dedicated individuals anticipating TESO. The LEGION will only have as many members as needed to accomplish our goals. The LEGION is not only looking for dedicated players that will contribute to the LEGION, but members that will put The LEGION first, even before their own in game interests.

We encourage you to join us on the forums (our website) and in TeamSpeak to learn more. In the past we've had members online at all hours of the day and night. Groups are available on a regular basis so that the LEGION members can progress more efficiently and successfully.

We have a branch in multiple games, and will be opening a new branch in The Elder Scrolls Online. We hope that as a player you find the community satisfying to your needs, and continue to game with us as we move forward. This is the foundation of our group, gaming together as a family, as a legion, throughout our tenure.

Kind Regards,
GM of The L E GI O N
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