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The Lions of High Rock
The Lions of High Rock

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by maxspaz.
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About The Lions of High Rock
We are the lions defenders of the covenant and independence it's self. We have a rich history dating back to the times of the Direnni elves' occupation of High Rock. Over time we have developed keen senses of diplomacy, commerce, strategy, combat, and humor. As lions we tend to follow the code of our patron god Stendarr. Honor, justice, and mercy are the lions creed but mercy is reserved for the innocent and Cyrodiil has none to be seen.

The elves who claim the south, their history is soaked in slavery, cannibalism, and arrogance, and they call us unfit to rule! The Khajiit are some of the most foul bandits in all of Tamriel. None who call these drug addicts allies could ever be sane enough for the Lion Born's (Emperor's) throne. The Nords to the east, they believe they are the leaders of their mighty pact but we know the ways of elves as the Nords should too. Their simply too blinded by their lust for the throne to see the truth. The Dunmer will use their Nord "allies" to claim the throne for themselves and if that happens all of Tamriel will fall to their slavery.

Fools, cannibals, slavers, drug addicts, our foes are not fit for the throne. Tamriel needs an emperor of lions blood. Blood that knows honor, Justice, and why and when to be spilled. The lions exist to cultivate such youths in hopes that a Lion Born will one day sit proudly atop the ruby throne and bring peace and prosperity back to the empire. Yet even Lion Born may fall with time thus the guild's mission is never ending. Yet we do not waver. For though emperors fall and evils rise, no matter your race, your culture, or your religion, the lions will always be here to protect the innocent and the freedoms of all.

Focus: Coordinated strategic PVP, PVE, and Economics, though we are quite easy going for something that sounds so hardcore.
Platform: PC and Mac
Language: English
Events: Both PVP and PVE including fishing, mount racing, raids (both PVE and PVP), sieges, crafting, and free giveaways. RP events are pending.
Level requirement: Any level accepted we also aid lower level members with gear and level progression.

A few Details:

1. We are currently based out of the North American Server but accept anyone who can speak english. We may be interested in expanding over seas and to consoles contacting me at our forums if your interested in assisting.

2. We are currently having a guaranteed 1 rank promotion event if you join before the open beta and are hiring both guild leaders and leader aids. We are also recruiting an RP director to support those interested in role playing with events and organization in general.

3. We have an overflow guild in case we reach member cap bring our total member capacity up to at least 600.

4. We allow all 3 DC races to join the guild and our advancement system is based solely on merit.

5. We will be trying to set up a server with something like Team Speak or Ventrillo something like that and any help would be appreciated. I'm not very good with technical stuff I'm afraid.

6. We accept alliances with other DC guilds and have a Foreigner Section for non guild members to enjoy.

7: Though we seem to focus on honor and justice there is a darker side to the guild. Details on the Shadow Cats and The Lion Shade along with other ranks can be found here

More details can be found in the FAQ and Announcement sections.

Thanks for showing interest in the guild you'll find a good deal of fun to be had here even before the game launches. Feel free to enjoy our extensive lore stories and even add a few of your own. Devise epic plans to crush our enemies away from prying eyes or make grand speeches that would leave our enemies awestruck. Build an awesome character for all marvel at or just kick back and discuss the economy. Spin an epic tale in a role play or just enjoy the fine arts in our Art, Music, and Video sections. There's something for everyone and pre-release events to boot. So let your roar be heard, join the Lions of High Rock and let your legend begin.
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