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The Magnificent Bastards- [NA] EST (GMT -4) EbonHeart Pact, <Competitive PvP>

Started by Bone
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[attachment=727]About Us:

The Magnificent Bastards is a guild formed from members of guilds such as Pious Sodality ( Warhammer Online ) Myrmidons (Warhammer Online), Gestalt (DCUO) and others for GW2 ( Henge of Denravi Server). We are a multi game guild with a focus on PvP whether its in open world combat, Scenario/arena combat or cooperative multi-player games.We build alliances in game with like minded and skilled guilds to not only make grouping easier but to also put forward a PvP machine that is feared on the battlefield. We have been part of alliances with other guilds such as Grudge, Villain Walkers, Sun Tzu, Myrmidons, War Monkeys and more.

We are looking to build up from a core unit to become a home for players looking for a lasting guild. While we try to excel in PvP, we also group together for interesting and end-game PvE. We have a mature but laid back atmosphere. We would like to start a crafting guild as well to be involved economically in ESO and to fill the guilds needs.

What You can Expect from the Bastards:
*Competitive groups on the battlefield (PvP can be frustrating without any grouping or the right group makeup)
*Help and advice to make you and your character better
*Guild and Realm Pride
*New Website (
*TS3 server ( )
*Active during EST (GMT -4:00) weekday evenings, nights and weekends at this time, this can change as our roster increases.

What we expect From You:
*Be Competitive, its fun on the winning side
*Speak and Understand English (Teamspeak 3 a must, mic not necessary but encouraged, we want you to be involved as much as you feel comfortable)
*Be active in the guild and on the website
*Group with guild and alliance members before any others
*Be mature and helpful
*Most of all Have FUN

Application for Elder Scrolls Online:
* (you will receive an answer back in 24 hours)

We are not only looking to fill our roster but to also find players interested in becoming group leaders and guild officers.

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