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The Manhunt of Garick Chjorn part 1

Started by Sarin strdr
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A party dark elf had been chasing their fugitive for three weeks from their homeland over to Skyrim and north from there. they were hot on his trail swords and spell in hands, his tracks lead far north farther than they had realized he would go. under a hundred feet from them he hid in wait. The sun was coming up and they figured he would be hopeless to their numbers. Until the weather set in.

Their prey had them fooled the elves outnumbered him twenty to one but it would not matter in the dense blizzard. They could not even see their noses in front of them but this was nothing for the strong young nord. covered by the cowl of the heavy snow he moved towards them with haste, cleaver in hand he slashed the younger of the elves across the throat spraying blood onto the snow and disappearing amongst the blizzard his body dropped lifeless. he planned his next move carefully as they approached tree cover by their luck. Garick drew his bow and fired a single arrow into the back of another elves skulls dropping him to the ground immediately. In response the Dunmer shot numerous fire balls in direction of the arrow. "We can wait this out the storm can`t last forever." a very scared Dunmer said aloud trying to reassure himself. Another obviously fearing for his life in the weather tried to run but his party members heard only his muffled screams out of the white walls around them.

Taking charge the eldest member spoke with a firm voice. "We wait here until the storm passes then we continue on to find the defiler of our homes!" The other elves weren`t to pleased with the answer but were not going to go against their leader. they were all very tired from the journey and began to drift off one by one until it was only the leader left awake running on anger and spirits. The blizzard lifted some hours later revealing three dead of the cold and frozen lumps in the snow which were their falling kin.

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