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The MasterRace
The MasterRace

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvE, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by NordicViking.
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About The MasterRace
Main Guild lore
Our guild respects the old ways of the Nords. Our guild was formed in dark times when superior warriors had to form alliances with lesser races. It was formed by a group of Nords who feared that the Ebonheart pact would promote more diversity and multiracial values between the three realms and lead the Nords into forgetting their cultural heritage. And so the MasterRace guild was formed, to protect the old ways of the North and preserve their culture. This guild of men only allows Nords to enter. They do not see other races as lesser people then their own, but they see their own superior to other races.

But even so, the MasterRace guild realize that these are dark times and they all believe in the saying "The Enemy of my enemy is my friend", and so they can ally themselves with other races to fight a common enemy, but when the threat is eliminated, the MasteRace guild won't have any more things to do with the other races.

Our main guiding principals are the following:
1. Traditions - The Nordic way of life must not be threatened by this new Alliance with Elves and Argonians.
2. Loyalty - The Nords should only have to answer to one crown, the king of Skyrim. The Elves and Argonians might be our allies, but they are not our leaders and they never will be.
3. Honour - Honour is gained through warfare. Nords are proud warriors and you gain honour through fighting and dying for your cause. We respect even other races who carry honour, but still, they are not of our race and so they are not allowed to join our cause.
This guild was formed in 2E 582 around the same time as the Ebonheart pact was formed. This pact consists of three races, Argonians, Dark Elves and Nords. Some Nords felt that this pact represented a threat to the old ways and the Nordic way of life, and it was so that two great warriors from the House Stonebreaker and House ... joined their forces together and created, the MasterRace guild.

Leif Stonebreaker was a true man of the North. His family legacy goes back to the first men who set foot in Skyrim, back then known as Mereth. He was one of the first 500 companions to Ysgramor and one of the first to settle in Mereth. He had a wife, three sons and one daughter. Leif was happy living in Mereth and he loved the Snow Elves, or Falmer. He encouraged people to be open to the Falmer and wanted to preach love and cultural exchange between the two races, but he was betrayed when they attacked the villages and murdered his daughter and wife. That day he swore to rid all of all the falmers in Nirn, if it so was the last thing he did. He turned into a skilled warrior and he was one of Ysgramor's greatest warriors and commanders and he lived and served with honour.

Later, when the war with the Dragons started, his off springs were among the greatest fighters and they were all rewarded in Sovngarde. They Stonebreakers then realized what the true threat was - the non-Nords. Every non-Nord had only proven to be problems for the Nords and created conflict between the races. And so it was, that the house Stonebreaker decided to fight for a pure Skyrim with Nords as it masterrace and to this day their family live on and fight for to protect the Nordic culture.
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