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The Middle Army
The Middle Army

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Maph Allectus.
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About The Middle Army
Main Alliances Rules
The Middle Army was originally created 582 by a few khajiiti blacksmiths, to aid the imperial citizens, and consisted of a few khajiits and elves but mostly imperial “rebels”. It was only focused on Cyrodiil, hence the nam “The Middle Army”. Now however, it is mostly Aldmeri citizens, but they still fight in Cyrodiil.

This is a crafting and pvp - focused Aldmeri guild. If you want to join this guild, head over to the member page. However, if you have a guild but think that this guild looks interesting, we’re interested in having alliances with other guilds, so that we can fight together and such.
If you are looking to team up, you should read the following.

We are looking into two types of alliances: Trading and Military.

What we call a "trading" alliance is more of a one-time-deal really. It's where we can provide your guild with armor, weapons, potions etc,
and you provide us with gold. This is really if you want your guild to be good looking, more like an army. We don't accept later payment.

Since The Senchal Contract is also PvP focused, we are also into military alliances. This would be were we both team up in the PvP function.
This would also include some friendly favours, so if one of your guild's members is about to die, one of Senchal could provide him with a potion,

If you are interested in any of this, or have any questions, just comment on this page.
There are a few rules to follow if you join this guild.

1. Swearing and Racism
You are allowed to swear. It's a game, right? For fun? Mild racism is okay, but nothing serious. If anyone is offended, you will have to sort it out like mature people. Basically, act as you would around your friends.

2. Presence
While we want to fight in large groups, you obviously don't have to always fight with us. The same with trading and crafting, although you won't
get a part of the profit. If you have been, without telling us why, not playing for a long while, you will have to leave, but as long as you tell us
why you will pretty much be able to be away for as much as needed.

3. Trading
We want to make a profit. But we will not, by any reason, trick people into paying too much than an item is worth! This is probably the strictest rule.
You have three chances, on the third you are kicked. Also, while the person that gives more to a trading alliance gets more money, this difference we see
as little. If Player 1 made 4 sets of armor, and player two made 5, player 2 won't get more money. However, if player 2 made 7 sets, he would get more.

These are the basic rules. We hope that you at least consider joining!
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