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The New Rekhin - A TESO Short Story

Started by Rauros Her-Thun
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
Ejin-Kel Sxin approached the waiting Kirin. It was time to complete a Deed. Ejin had been waiting for this moment, but dreading it too. This would mark his entrance, officially, into the Helstrom Senx. Ejin nervously wiped the jungle condensation off his orichalum helmet. This was the deep jungle. If he got killed here... nobody would know.

He saw the Kirin waiting by the gates to the temple. "We can begin." The Kirin had grayer scales than most, and his eyes were lightning blue. His snout and face was strikingly angular, giving the appearance that he was part lion, not full Argonian.

Ejin himself was rusty-scaled, with muddled green patches. He looked like any Cyrodiilic Argonian. Of course, Ejin was just the opposite. He was born in Lilmoth and proud of it.

"This way, Sxin," said the Kirin. The Kirin turned, walking deeper into the swamp. It was more of a jungle, where giant crocodiles lurked and marsh daedra hid. They walked for almost an hour until they came upon a worn stone disk set in the ground. On it, there was etched the face of an ancient Argonian, when their skin was like the bark of the Hist and their voices tamed storms.

"Stand on the circle," ordered the Kirin. "When you arrive at your destination, kill all that you see and then return to the circle. It will bring you back to Mundos."

Ejin frowned, as limited as his facial expressions were. He drew his javelin and waved farewell to the Kirin. Then he stepped on the disk and was gone.

The sensation was that of falling so quickly that it feels as if your stomach was traveling through your throat. But it was over in seconds, and suddenly Ejin was standing in an overgrown garden. The garden had a faintly seen pathway and twisting, black iron fences surrounding it. The plants that grew in the garden were great oaks and rose vines, twisting toward the sky. The garden must have been abandoned more than a century ago.

The disk looked the same as it had in Black Marsh. The portal was in a shallow depression shrouded with plant life, so the disk would easily be hidden from people walking through the garden. Ejin shifted his center of gravity downward in case anything decided to attack him now.

The stones were cracked, the plants were rotting, the iron was rusted, and the sky was murky gray. And there was a sickly sweet smell in the air that drove Ejin's nerves on end. But what bothered him most was the buzzing sound that grew increasingly more intense. And it grew louder.

Ejin heard a crash behind him. He turned in time to see a blurry, bug-like creature lunging at him. Ejin swung the javelin, and instead of stabbing, the rod sliced through the insect's body, sending each half of it on either side of Ejin. Another one of the creatures lunged out of the foliage, only to be stabbed through the core with a javelin.

Ejin studied the creature. It was like a mix of wolf and beetle. It had the lithe body of a wolf, but the body was covered in huge overlapping armor plates. Its head was wider than it was tall, two large black eyes on either side. The creature had six armored legs and even a scorpion-like tail. The creature walked low to the ground, almost scuttling.

Ejin slew another one of the beasts, then they stopped attacking. He looked around, scrutinizing every detail. Until he noticed the shapes that were soaring in the sky above the garden. When they dropped into the clearing, Ejin saw that they were like a mix of bear and insect. That is to say, they were much bigger, winged versions. And they hissed.

One of the Bear-Bugs stood on its hind legs, batting at Ejin with its four front legs. Ejin was thrown backward, into the hard ground. Then the beast came at him, its claws extended.

The the beast was knocked to the side. Another of the beasts slew its own kind, then turned on Ejin. Ejin put his javelin through its plated head and lunged for the disk. He wanted to go back. To Black Marsh.

Suddenly the young Argonian was back in the jungle; in his home province. He looked around until he saw the Kirin, who was smiling wryly. The Kirin extended his gloved hand and helped Ejin up.

"Welcome to the Helstrom Senx. You are now officially a Rekhin officer."

Ejin smiled a smile of relief and then collapsed, exhausted.
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