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The Night Children

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Daethol.
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About The Night Children
Do not fear the Darkness, it is cool, calm, mysterious and welcoming. In the dark you are safe, where no enemy may see you, where you can hide from the evils that lurk amongst the light.

The Night Mother will watch over you. Protect you. Though she may not guide you, her Darkness will keep you safe.

We are her children, and in the Darkness, we are your family.

(The Night Children is a PvP Based guild focused on End Game PvP. Roleplaying welcome, all Classes welcome. Ventrillo is necessary. More to follow in the near future.)
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