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The Obsidian Brotherhood [Ebonheart | North American | Casual | Moderate | PvP | PvE]

Started by Glassweaver
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Welcome to the Obsidian Brotherhood
We're currently looking for awesome new guild members. Interested in applying?
Check out our guild information on the forums.
If you think we would be a good match, simply fill out the application here.

You can also click here to check our our facebook.

[Image: WelcomeLetter.jpg]

One of the most unique features of Obsidian is that there will be no single person in charge, but rather a council who shares in upholding the guilds core values. When we are near 20 members, I, Glassweaver, will begin the search for our second leader. For every 10 members, we will appoint another leader, until the council has a total of 9 people. For a full breakdown of our guilds structure, please see the guild information section of our forums.

Also, whether you are a council member or not, the first 40 active members in our guild will receive the title of Founding Member.

In ending, if you would like to become the newest member of The Obsidian Brotherhood, please feel free to check out our forums and fill fill out our application.

See you soon,


The Obsidian Brotherhood
Ebonheart Pact ─ Casual to Moderate ─ North American.
Weekly Raids ─ Private Voice Chat ─ Council Leadership.
For the Brotherhood. For the Pact.
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