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The Order of Abaagea
The Order of Abaagea

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by jaycobs97.
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About The Order of Abaagea
Main Membership Info.
[Image: coollogo_com_228267645.png]

[Image: 1185216-bigthumbnail.jpg]

This guild was made specifically for mage-roleplayers, however other opportunities for non-magicka using players is available. The Order is not officially associated with the Mages Guild or Order of The Black Worm in anyway, however the goals of these factions may overlap in certain aspects. We have no qualms with you being involved in any other guilds/factions, as long as your involvement doesn't jeopardize the function or security of the Order. Also, there will be a limit to the amount of non-mages we can accept, as this is a primarily magic-oriented guild.


The purpose of The Order of Abaagea is to further our knowledge and understanding of all things magic, and to provide an environment for those wishing to do so. This will be accomplished by attaining and then protecting a keep for the guild members. This includes ALL and all other branches of that are illegal or frowned upon. We also strive to collect artifacts for research, power, and value.

[Image: FINALLL.png]

(Forbidden Knowledge)

Ranking and Inner-Council Positions

General Ranking
1) Initiate
2) Apprentice
3) Adept
4) Wizard
5) High-Magister



Advancement and its process in the guild will be decided on after the release of the game :)

Unique Positions

Note: all members appointed to one of the following positions of duty in the Order is also then given membership to the Council and will be required to fulfill the duties of a council member as well. All new potential initiates must talk to one of the Council members for admission after the release of the game, until then, all admissions will be administered by the Arch-Mage. :)
Applicants for Council positions will be determined by the Arch-Mage, however advice from Council members who are willing to vouch for you (or possibly deter me from giving you the position) will be heavily considered.

Master-Necromancer- The authority on the art of necromancy in the Order, they are in charge of the research, tutoring, and implementation of this particular branch of magic. (See Note at end of page)
[Image: black-magic-sorcerer.jpg]

Scrollmaster- The Scrollmaster are in charge of the lore (and possibly creation) of the Order. They are also in charge of the order's library and its maintenance, as well as assigning members to the acquisition of any books, scrolls, etc. deemed important. They are also in charge of the sale of any documents deemed unimportant, or the purchase of documents needed.
[Image: Wizard-33.jpg]

Palatinus- The Palatinus of the Order has the duty of protecting the keep that we call home. This means that the Palatinus is in charge of all non-council members of the guild in times of battle and usually means that they work alongside the Master-Wizards in the protection of our home (or acquisition of one if need be). The Palatinus of the Order is the go-to person for all warrior builds (alongside the Arch-Mage of course) of the Order. If they have any special needs, the Palatinus can usually help deal with them.

[Image: BattleMage.jpg]

Head Enchanter- In charge of creating or overseeing the creation of enchanted items for use in the Order. Also in charge of the acquisition or overseeing of the acquisition of items needed for enchanting. The Head Enchanter also determines who these items will be sold to for profits that will benefit the Order.

[Image: 640x483_5288_Malekith_2d_fantasy_mage_pi...al_art.jpg]

Head Alchemist-In charge of creating or overseeing the creation of potions, salves, etc. for use in the order. Also in charge of the acquisition or overseeing the of the acquisition of times needed for alchemy. The Head Alchemist also determines who these items will be sold to for profits that will benefit the Order.

[Image: Fantasy_Alchemist_Student_015673_.jpg]

Master-Wizard(s)- Appointed by a vote of the non-Master-Wizards of the council. They are the protectors of the Order and for that reason are largely appointed based on ability of magical skill in combat. Master-Wizards are largely responsible for the protection of the Guild's Keep, or if need be, the acquisition of a new one. Overall, they don't have any specific duties other than to assist in defending the keep and its resources (mines, farms, and lumber mills), and therefore they are called upon to perform a variety of tasks for the guild.

[Image: battlemage3.png]

Abaagean Envoy- In charge of representing the Order of Abaagea to other organizations who wish to aid or combat us. They are appointed on the basis of political power, which will be determined by the council. These aspects of power could include membership in other organizations, large personal treasury, or other characteristics that may not be discernible until the release of the game. (See note at end of page)

[Image: vitorpyros_130405_1353_18.jpg]

Concealment Master- Oversees the "rogues" of the Order and helps them with any special needs they may have, and often they coordinate with the Scrollmaster, Head Alchemist, and Head Enchanter to steal or oversee the theft of needed items. They are also in charge of assassinations of persons that the Council has determined to not only be a significant threat but also a person that would best be eliminated in secrecy.

[Image: stealth_mage_by_adrian_w-d6bx7jd.jpg]

Master-Healer- The duties of the Master-Healer include researching and using the powers of healing magic to benefit the Order and its members. This very well may include using them in the battles that will inevitably result from our retainment of a guild keep. (see note at end of page)
[Image: Concept-Mage.png]

Know that all of these positions are subject to change at ANYTIME. This is primarily because we don't know what will be in the game and what will end up being necessary and unnecessary. This may mean new Council positions will be added or taken away, new ranks may be added or taken away, and overall operations within the guild may transform.

NOTE: I realize that these positions may largely be role-playing, hardcore role-players will obviously be chosen for these titles. This means that the role-players will need to act the part as well as they can for their positions, ex. for the necromancer, dress in dark robe, carry books about necromancy, carry skulls, etc. Since there might not be any official duties for these positions, I expect these specific Council-Members to do their absolute best to help the other members of the Council in any way they are able to.
To join, there are a few things I would like to know, especially if you are applying for a Council position. I'm sorry for this as I know it's probably not something that you're used to, but I would rather have 5 committed members than 300 zombies who barely ever contribute. I don't mind short answers as long as you actually answer the question :). Also this is mainly just a formality I like to take to get to know all of my guild mates, if you apply you will almost certainly be accepted, unless it is for a Council position, and then I will have to consider your application for that position very carefully.

1) What system will you be playing on? If it's not the PS4, then I'm sorry because thats what I'll be starting it on. However, if you're playing on a different system and like the idea of the Order and would like to start it on your system, let me know.
2) What faction will you be playing on? We will be starting as a Daggerfall Covenant guild, but when the option of cross-faction guilds is introduced we will definitely allow members from the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonhart Pact to join.
3) Are you planning on being a Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Templar, or Nightblade?
4) What will your subclass be? (ex. magic using night blade, or dual wielding sorcerer?
5) Based on your class and subclass, what do you think would be the most suitable rank chain for you? (mage, warrior, or rogue)
6) How often do you plan on playing a week? Obviously this will be a rough estimate as the game hasn't come out yet.
7) If you have a character backstory and wouldn't mind sharing, please do :)
8) What other guilds are you planning on belonging to? (player and Bethesda-created)
9) Would you be interested in applying for a Council position?
10) If you said yes to #9, what position are you interested in and why? Why do you think you are the best for this position?

Another note, if you are applying for a Council Position please be patient in waiting for an answer from me. I don't mind you messaging me to check your application process but I'd rather you not message me every single day wanting to know if you got it or not.
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