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The Order Of Chaos
The Order Of Chaos

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by The Order of Chaos.
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About The Order Of Chaos
Main Fear Chaos
to be chaotic within the world of Tamriel is fine, but to be successful in your chaos in the world of Tamriel will be very hard, the key to success will be to form a guild. This guild will reek havoc across Tamriel some say there is no order to chaos, and that it is impossible for there to be such a thing as order to chaos but this guild is to prove that wrong and be the impossible. the guild will be very much based upon fear, the fear of the next act it may commit, nobody will anticipate what the guild has planned next up its sleeve. There will be Chaos among Tamriel and that is a fact. We will be The foundation.
the way I hope this guild will get more power is by striking fear into the hearts of the enemies, the unpredictability of chaos is outstanding, and an army of chaotic Orcs/ Redguards will be close to unstoppable. I believe if we take the right angle toward the game and keep our manoeuvres unpredicted we can strike fear into all. nobody wants to be attacked and with an army who could abandon a fortress completely to take another one roaming around you can never get too comfy where you are. to have a chaotic person is bad enough to worry about, but to have a army of chaotic people will be near impossible to comprehend all opinions will be considered in every move of the game. we will take risks, which will gain us wealth and fame and when our name spreads more and more will fear what the Order of Chaos will do next.
I see a lot of meanings by the word chaos, I believe that freedom is a type of chaos, a man/woman being able to do whatever they like whenever they like. you can also see chaos as a mad man running around with an axe searching only for blood and death. this Guild, This Order, is being created so that all those people who want to just kill and people who just want to do there own thing can do it with someone at there side, it will give you a chance to speak what you want done and if someone is in agreement then they too will join you. I want all members to be very co-operative with one another and able to speak there mind not all plans can go ahead at once so will try to stick with large numbers doing each thing. we want to place fear in the hearts of our enemies and we can only do that with numbers. we will be clever and cunning with our plans, but one of the key features to us is unpredictability.
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The Order Of Chaos Comments
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Daggerfall Covenant
I am one of seven leaders of the chaos marines if your guild wishes to parish I welcome you to battle other wise be gone! Good luck with your guild man and orcs as well as redgaurds are from DC you might want to elaborate on that matter in your post

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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