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The Order Of Sithis: Multi-Faction: US/EU: Moderate/PvP/PvE/RP friendly

Started by Beowulf
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
- Focus: PvP and PvE
- Recruitment: Open
- Timezone : EST (Eastern Standerd Timezone)
- Website:
- Alliances: Va Khaj Dar, Aldmeri War Council, Radiance, Direnni Brotherhood, Council of Magnus, Hellfire, Cult Of Xibalba

- For more details on our alliance vist:

Our goal:

Is to create a great community and fellowship for the members of the Order Of Sithis dedicated to the pursuit of Excellence and In-game Progression. MMORPG's are more than just video games. They are certainly a source of entertainment, adventure and escape/relaxation; however, they are also a social community of friends and most importantly to us a competitive arena in which to test your skills, wit and patience. With that in mind, the Order's mission is to provide a community framework in which members can participate in achieving these goals. We say participation because you will personally get out of the guild what you put into it.

Our motto is "To push the envelope and be at the forefront of cutting edge content" but do so in such a way that there is still room for friendship and and willingness help those that might need it to move forward. It is a spirit of giving, respect and adventure that we seek. It is this mindset that we deal with our fellow members and those outside our guild.

We are not an "elite only" guild that goes at 1000% at all times. We have room within our guild for those who wish to step back or take a break from the competitive and demanding raiding role(s). We are tolerant and patient with new players and try to help them learn the game and their character but we also expect them to make an effort to do those same things. The result of this is a better guild and a better community for all to enjoy. This is what it means to be an member of the Order Of Sithis.
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