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The Order of the Black Rose

Started by melt913
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
We are The Order of the Black Rose, we believe in Brotherhood and Loyalty. Determination is key and your will must be strong. for we fight for glory and honor in the name of the Ebonheart Pact! Our forces united and strong will destroy all who face us. We, The Order of the Black Rose will stand strong against all odds and we will face all trials.

Order of the Black Rose is a guild formed to give a strong since of brotherhood and belonging. We want our members to feel at home with us not just another name on a list. We play only on PS4 and NA server.

Order of the Black Rose is a hardcore PvP and Crafting guild; we also will do group PvE, and I enjoy RP so we will have that to. All members will be able to pick what kind of roles and jobs they want to fulfill.

All members are welcome, but not required to join one of the 8 divines and one of the daedric cults, for some minor RP. All members will be required to pay taxes to the guild. All members are required to have a main character for the guild and sign up for one of the branches, you can use multiple characters if they fulfill your role main role, if not while on that character you will be given another job to do (you can always change your main guild character and role if you want). Members will be able to obtain many titles in the guild such as Knight, Magi, and many more.

Our guild is divided into five branches: Black Rose Army, Yellow Rose Rangers, Blue Rose Magi, The Crimson Rose Archers, Black Rose Knights, White Rose Priest, and Grey Rose Commons

Branch Descriptions.

The Black Rose Army is our main PvP force, Members will spend most of there time in PvP, but not all the time.

The Yellow Rose Ranger is our Guerrilla Warfare group they will spend a lot of time ambushing and attacking the enemy, and spying.

The White Rose Priest is our main healing group, they will spend time being deployed through out Cyrodiil with our forces and others for healing and support purposes.

The Black Rose Knights is our elite Melee/tanks/DPS, only the best of the best and the spear head of our guild.

The Grey Rose Commons is for members not interest in to much guild work, Crafters, recruits, and others, they will pay taxes and fulfill minor jobs for the guild and intern get some guild benefits. Also must participate in the Levy(1 week out of the month in PvP campaign).

The Blue Rose Magi is our elite casters.

The Crimson Rose Archers are our elite archers.

Army Jobs:

Guard duty: we need people to defend our keeps.

Scouting: intelligence is the greatest weapon and we cant rely completely on our rangers.

field-crafters: we need to keep our weapons and armor maintained in battle.

Messengers: we need to make sure all forces are organized and informed.

Healers: Even with the healing Corps, we still need people with healing capabilities with us.

Rear guard: we need people defending our flanks.

Siege operators: We cant take keeps without siege engines.

Ranger Jobs:

Field-healers: Our rangers will need healers.

Field-crafters: Our rangers will need to maintain there weapons and armor.

Messengers: To keep our main force informed.

Scouts: Even the rangers need people to scout ahead.

Healing Priest Jobs:

Guards: we need someone to protect our healers.

Messengers: They need to know where to be and when.

Scouts: We cant have our healers walking into danger.

Commons Jobs: (commons jobs are alil different most are full time)

crafters: We need to keep the guild supplied with potions, armor, and weapons.

Gatherers: we need people to supply our crafters with materials.

Traders: we will need people to buy and sell goods for the guild( will be left to trust worthy people).

Levy: We need extra forces in PvP. All members of Commons must do 1 week of PvP every month.

Rules for Order of the Black Rose:

1. Respect your commanders If you have any problems tell me personally.

2. Respect others members if you have a problem once again tell me personally.

3. Respect the beliefs of other members

4. Don’t judge on how a other member plays no matter what.

5. No PvP for other factions ( don’t ask don’t tell policy here ).

6. Have fun and enjoy your self.



Private (Pvt)

Private Second Class (PSC)

Private First Class (PFC)

Corporal (Cpl)

Lance Corporal (LCpl)

Sergeant (Sgt)

Staff Sergeant (SSG)

Sergeant First Class (SFC)

Sergeant Major (SGM)

Master Sergeant (MSG)

Warrant Officer(WO)

Warrant Officer Third Class (WOTC)

Warrant Officer Second Class (WOSC)

Warrant Officer First Class (WOFC)

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO)

Lieutenant (Lt)

Captain (Cpt)

Major (Maj)

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)

Colonel (COL)

General (Gen)

Lieutenant General(LtG)

Major General (MG)

Grand General (GG)

Commander (COM)

If you are interested in joining or have questions message me, also message me to gain more details that I haven’t described here.
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