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The Order of the Shadows(PvP,RP,Social) WEBSITE COMING SOON!
The Order of the Shadows(PvP,RP,Social) WEBSITE COMING SOON!

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Altair316.
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About The Order of the Shadows(PvP,RP,Social) WEBSITE COMING SOON!
We are The Order, the most feared assassins and bandits of the South. We kill only for ourselves and remain hidden from the outside. Only the most elite of assassins will join us. We remain away from the frontline of battle but instead take out the towns folk, the opposing emperors and assassinate any enemy who is vulnerable.
To join us you must take the Oath of the Assassin:
The Order is my family, the law, but to the outside there is NO Order
To kill my brother is to kill myself
The Order is law
The Order is my blood.

Welcome to the Order of the Shadows, we are a PvP, and RP clan, I wish to keep the this clan small so that everybody feels like family, and I will not accept more than 25 people(sorry ;( ). We will mostly ambush towns, other small groups, people holding choke points, backup/reinforcements, enemies using popular roads or methods of transportation, and scale walls to take out archers on the roof. We are mostly looking for melee Nightblades, ranging Nightblades(like myself haha :P), and a couple mages and healers. We will also accept people who are willing to watch for enemies. We will also hold numerous Roleplaying events every week after release and PvP pretty much everyday(well when most of us have leveled well :P). We are willing to accept ALL levels of players but maybe when our clan average is in the 30s or 40s I might make it a 30+ clan and move upwards into a max level only clan. So do you enjoy staying in the shadows stealthed, just waiting for a small group or a couple noobs to walk by and then ambushing them, denying reinforcements by patrolling roads, slipping into a town and killing every player in there and getting out before anyone notices, or sneaking into a keep and just releasing your wrath on every person watching for our army,every archer mage or anyone using the siege weapons, or assassinating anyone who f's with you? Then join the Order of Shadows!
Please message me on here if you wish to talk on skype, we will be using ventrilo when the game launches but for now we will stick to Skype.
NOTICE: For a couple of days I will not have my mic as my friend is borrowing it.
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The Order of the Shadows(PvP,RP,Social) WEBSITE COMING SOON! Comments
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