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The Pack - Arima

Started by Miasmador
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Name: Arima
Gender: Female
Race: Breton
Age: 68
Rank: Elder, carer of the pups, adviser of The Pack.
Appearance: Arima used to stand tall and straight but age seems to have shrunk her. She stands tall and stiff, her face weathered and wrinkled, her eyes a dark grey. Her hair has stayed a black since she was ten, only growing her five grey stripes as she got older. She wears layers of black furs, a heavy armour in itself. For shoes she wraps furs around her feet. Like the others in the pack the only time she changes back to human is when the alpha does.
Werewolf appearance: She has shaggy white silver fur and bright green eyes, if not for the grey flecks that patterned her fur she would be indistinguishable from Miasmador Varulfur.
Political views: They have stayed away from the pack, the war, and for that I am grateful.
Religious views: Hircine is who I've worshiped, and will always worship, till the end of my days.
Background: She was a young adventurer eager to earn her share of gold and fame. She was sent on a bounty hunt but, when she was faced with the bandit he transformed... Into a werewolf. She fought him off and killed him with only a few scratches. She had got out without contracting the disease. She was walking down the corpse strewn corridor... When she bumped into the bandit chiefs mother, a hundred year old werewolf crone. As the crone was blind she bit Arima in surprise. The next day Arima was a werewolf, she searched the wild, staying away from civilization, when she found Ishon, a male werewolf. Together they formed a pack, giving birth to their first litter where the next Alphas were born. Over time werewolves joined the pack and finally there were seven wolves in the pack. She died of old age, her sons, daughters, grandchildren gathered around her. She died at the age of 99.

Vlos Hithern

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