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The Pack - Otona

Started by Miasmador
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Name: Otona
Gender: Female
Race: Breton
Age: 40
Rank: Female alpha
Appearance: She wears a thin yet warm ice wolf robe and cloak. She has sharp, pretty features, an almost wild look to them but calm, with full, dark lips and stunning light grey eyes, speckled with green flecks. Her skin is pale, like the snow she relishes. She is unusually tall for a Breton, about the same height as an Altmer. She has dark black hair that falls down below her shoulders in big black curls.
Werewolf: A small, bushy black werewolf, with piercing grey eyes and a cheeky look to her and big bushy ears that often twitch when she's excited.
Political views: She doesn't care about politics, war, or anything so long as they leave her pups alone!
Religious views: Hircine gave her her gift and she follows him in thanks.
Background: As a young woman she would often lure in men with her looks, taking them away from the city, they followed her willingly, before cutting their throat and taking any other valuables. As she got older she realised she couldn't go on like that for ever so when she found the Pack she willing joined, becoming one of them. Finally she managed to push her way till she was the female Alpha next to Alrig, the male Alpha. From then she gave birth to many pups, later on Ihra and Rasr, some of hers, becoming alpha and she becoming elder. She died at the old age of eighty after being killed by a traitor of the Pack, one of her own pups. Luckily he was killed and she joined Varis and the others of the Pack up in the Hunting Grounds.

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