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The Paragons

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by The Paragons.
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About The Paragons
Main Guild Roster & Ranks Guild Info
We're a guild that plays to enjoy ESO and partake in fun events as well as help new players to the game get a good start. We also have members that craft gear and items for guild members. Thank you for joining us and enjoy yourself.
We currently have 25 Members and once we reach 50 we're going to try opening a guild store. We currently have a Guild Tabard and there is no level requirement for joining in the guild so if you're a new player feel free to message us on Xbox Live
Guild Master- Dark Crusaderr
Paragon General- DeathTheKid1012, TH3XS17HL0RD, Lumpierwizzard1
Paragon Champion- (Applicable position)-requirements to become a champion are being a Paragon Knight and at least VR1
Paragon Elite- BulkyicemanJR, BoAxPredator, CAESARtheKING
Paragon Knight- HollowSpark3318, Kickinit Up
Paragon Adept- y0l0sBro15, KFC or Nah, SpeedyGecko27
Paragon Squire- BEAST UNLEASH 7, MuscleRussell69
Paragon- Arcangle77, Intent vJax, LordOfSword666, MikeyWVU24, JonKCbutton, StrollingPort27, CRAZYCUJO22, Jyntri, AMcGallie, BlAZy96, xXHighVoltageXx, xcell707, S4v4ge 74, Smack on my Yak, TMG Hasty, TediousBaker, Hreguen, RNG Jewellz, Walleye581

Methods to rank up:
1)-gathering/donating materials to the guild bank
2)-donating gold to the guild bank
3)-staying active (as long as you play regularly it increases your chances of ranking up)
4)-recruiting other players to the guild(fastest way)
The highest rank to obtain is Paragon Knight through these methods
Paragon Elites have special jobs within the guild and come with more responsibility.

Paragon Champion is the highest rank possible to achieve in the guild and is the best in position to hold, however the expectations are higher and to achieve this rank youhave to apply for it by messaging DeathTheKid1012 or TH3XS17HL0RD to be eligible. To get the position of Champion you will have to pass the evaluation which will be graded based on your performance in eso as well as how well you communicate with other guild members in ESO. To be eligible for the position you must have a rank of Knight or higher and be at least VR1.

Being Paragon Champion has it's own benefits in which you can request weapons and armor in exotic styles crafted by the guild leaders for their own use and the ability to lead events in the guild in the absence of guild officials.

If you have any questions or want an invite to the guild message DeathTheKid1012 or TH3XS17HL0RD on Xbox Live
Hello Paragons, we are having our first PvP event open to all guild members sunday at 1:00 pm Est. If you want to join message TH3XS17HL0RD or if you're in the guild already switch over to chat channel 1. Thanks and hope to see you there.
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