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The Provinces.

Started by Kyroh
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
So we all know that ZOS is including the provinces featured in previous Elder Scrolls games. However, I heard somewhere that these provinces would be limited to parts of them that are important to the story. That being said, how many cities would you expect from each province?

Also with Cyrodiil being the PvP province, besides the Imperial city as being the main target for the three factions, do you think that the other eight cities will be possible targets as well?

Sorry if any of this has been confirmed or has been discussed in a previous forum. If so point me whereto please.
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)

we do now quite a few of these things. as for cities, i was actually thinking "not so many" but then i realized most MMOs actually got shittons of cities, just not big ones.

that beeing said. we got a few confirmed ones already. We know Mounrhold / Ebonheart will be in the game, windhelm, rifton, wayrest, camlorn, daggerfall, Elden root and Sentinel. So far the most we know of in one particular province is 3. But id say there will be more, but not in all provinces. i guess each faction will have 1 main province. for example from what i gathered we will not see much of argonia, but alot of skyrim. this is of course speculation here (based on some evidence) i think this will, on the ohter factions be high rock and valenwood respectiveley.
As for Cyrodiil. There wont be all of it at launch, i certainly dont think leyawin will make it in we got confirmed: kvatch, cheydinhal and choroll. We know for a fact that the imperial city will be closed off at launch.
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