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The Races of TESO: Bretons
by Merari, Contributor — Category: Lore Articles
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With The Elder Scrolls Online approximately one year away from release, TESOF has decided to educate fans of the game on the playable races in TESO, so you can have a good idea of their backgrounds before you dive into the game. Today we'll be continuing with the Bretons.

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  1. Bretons
  2. History of the Bretons
  3. High Rock


The Bretons are a mannish race inhabiting the province of High Rock.

High Rock is divided into many political factions, Bretons are arch-politicians and these factions constantly scheme and battle against another to gain power and influence.
Clever and proficient in the magical arts, the Breton race produces excellent mages, traders and diplomats.

Breton maleBreton male

Sometimes also called half-elves or manmer, they are the product of generations of interbreeding between Nedic humans and clan Direnni Altmer.

Their appearance is not unlike that of the other mannish races, though they are often of a slimmer build. They can be easily mistaken for an Imperial or Nord, on close inspection they are a little shorter and their elven blood can manifest itself in high cheekbones and slightly pointy ears.

History of the Bretons

During the late Merethic or early First Era a group of Altmer settled in what is now known as High Rock, drawn to the Adamantine Tower. They were known as clan Direnni, because their homestead in Summerset was near the river Diren. Clan Direnni made peaceful relations with the native Nedic people. Soon the races became intermingled through marriage.
Many generations of these mixed marriages resulted in what became the Breton race.

Until the Nord invasion of High Rock around 1E246 the Bretons lived as servants to their elven masters.
However, the ascent of man slowly but surely wrestled control of Tamriel away from the elves.
A freed Cyrodiilic slave, Alessia slave-queen, laid the foundations for the first mannish empire and her Alessian Order rooted out many elves from their holdings on mainland Tamriel.
By 1E500 High Rock was largely free of elven control and became a part of first the Alessian or First Empire and later the Cyrodiilic or Second Empire.

In time, the Cyrodiils and Nords living in High Rock became absorbed into the general Breton population and the province became fragmented into many little fiefdoms and kingdoms, all vying for influence and power, and all under the banner of the Empires.
The art of politics has been driven to great heights by the Bretons, the region is teeming with a mess of ever-shifting allegiances and animosities.
It is said that the intricacies of the courts of High Rock, with its complex web of pacts by marriage, trade agreements, curses, assasinations, diplomacy, blackmail and many other mundane and arcane tools of politics would make those of a Manchurian court seem simplistic.

In 2E567, during the Empirial interregnum that followed the assasination of the last Akaviri Potentate, High King Emeric founded the Daggerfall Covenant.
A political alliance uniting the entirety of High Rock and even the territories of the Redguard and Orc races, it seeks stability and a re-establishment of the Empire.

High Rock
High RockHigh Rock

High rock is the north-west province of Tamriel.
Its coastal regions are pleasant and temperate and dotted with many cities and small settlements, all loosely organised into a fluid patchwork of small kingdoms.
The area bordering on Skyrim becomes increasingly mountainous and is not as densly populated, though in the southern mountains the Orcish city-state of Orsinium is found.

High Rock is an important place in Tamrielic history. It is at Adamantine (also called Direnni) Tower where Convention occured. The place where the Aedra punished Lorkhan and ripped out his heart. It is the oldest structure in Tamriel and quite likely in the world of Nirn.
This tower is what attracted the Altmer clan Direnni to High Rock.
They became a powerful military and economic force and taught the native mannish races much of the arts of civilisation.

2012 written by Merari, with acknowledgements to Tecca and Deveron for editing and images

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This is what I think of Bretons. Meh.
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I really think that Bretons were the greatest class in Skyrim, but reading the descriptions and details of them on the ElderScrollsOnline website, I am not drawn to them like I was in Skyrim. Think I will settle with a Templar Nord.
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