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The Reachmen
The Reachmen

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Radanach.
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About The Reachmen
Main Rule 1. Rule 2.
Looking for a guild in the up and coming Elderscolls online not a serious guild but a guild where u can hang out cause mayhem throw parties start riots. Then look no further because the Reachmen is the guild 4 U!!!! We just hang out do whatever PVE PVP anything really heck we can trow a party on you birthday if u want thats just the way we r we r open to all races despite our names suggestion. We R just a fool around Guild but that doesn't mean we will suck a PVP we will attack them when the aren't looking we will attack so fast they wont have time 2 say some one stole your sweet roll.

We have 3 ranks

Highest rank: B.A Warlords

Medium rank: Ravagers

Lowest Rank: Foragers

If U wish to join simply answer these questions and I will put U on the list.

We conquer a fort and keep on holding it one day we r under attack but u don't feel like fighting.

A.Charge immediately to its defense

B.Don't help but have a Really good excuse

C.Don't help just because u don't want 2

Fellow Reachman is arguing with a group of guys with no back up>

A. Immediately help him argue.

B. Challenge his attackers 2 a fight 2 the death.

C. let him handle his own problems

U need money badly to buy some awesome armor and U see some left over in the bank

A.Take it tell no one

B. Ask if its alright 2 take it

C. forget it try 2 make the money on your own

There R 2 right answers on every question but one wrong answer and :( Srry u fail
No begging all beggars will be shot unless giving u one gold gives a exp bonus which I doubt it does.
have fun no matter what the costs but don't take it 2 far don't want u banned from eso 4ever now do we.
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