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Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by dbustos234.
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This guild specializes in raiding, capture/recapture assaults, guarding alliance territories and guarding members/non-members on or off the battlefield, exploration, stealth tactics, and guerilla warfare.

Purpose of the guild:

to explore all of Tamriel to go on quests and venture into dungeons. And to conquer Cyrodiil and have the Daggerfall Covenant as the dominant alliance to rule over all. Most of all to help those in need whenever wherever.

Types of positions in the guild:

Ranger- conduct raids both day and night, tactical insertion into enemy territory by way of horse or amphibious insertion: meaning by entering the land or area from the water, and also conduct reconnaissance/surveillance of an enemy area before attempting to strike the enemy.

Expeditionary Scout- conducts patrol and surveillance of an area before going on a quest or going on a mission to battle and also patrol around friendly territories to keep watch for any enemies that may come by to attack. (mainly will be used for pve environments rather than pvp environments but that does not mean that this unit would not see action in pvp environments they will have opportunities to conduct missions in pvp also).

Dragon Guard- guards alliance territories and members and non-members of the guild on or off the battlefield, whether on quests or it be personal gain the dragon guard is always there to protect. Only DragonKnights level 14 and up can be part of the dragon guard.

Capture/Recapture tactics Group- claims territories for the alliance and reclaims alliance territories if an enemy has taken over an area by using a variety of tactics: stealth tactics, siege tactics, and insertion by way of horse or from the water.

Internal security- are the watchman of the guild, the purpose of this unit is to make sure that guild members don't give information to our enemies and that everybody is getting along with each other and gather information provided by guild members and allies to give to the guild leader and guard and patrol alliance territories within a very close range to the area.

Cavalry- used to navigate through the land easier and to attack the enemy at an faster approach along with the infantry this unit is one of the frontline forces of the guild.

Infantry- used as the main frontline force of the guild to strike the enemy where it stands to allow other forces to power through to gain mission success.

Artillery- also part of the frontline forces this unit is a key component to mission success for they strike first and are the last ones out of the battlefield ready to strike at a moments notice.

The collective- this unit is used to gather and provide information on the enemy and their battle tactics by talking with members and non-members of the guild and also conduct their own scouting missions in teams of 2 to 4 members in an single group.

recruiter- for those who are not interested in combat roles or those who want to take a break from combat for a while this unit is used to get new people to join the guild.

Messenger- delivers messages to members and non-members of the guild in both pvp and pve environments from one location to another. this unit is neither an combat or non combat group but are capable of defending themselves if necessary if in an situation of danger and use stealth tactics and insertion tactics by way of horse or entering the land from the water or by travelling on a ship to get to another location.

These are all the types of positions in the guild.


If interested in joining contact me on ps4 my gamertag is: CREDENLO.

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THE RED CELL(PS4) Comments
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this is an newly created guild with just 12 members so far so please let me know if interested in joining guys thank you.
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