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The River

Started by Andremada
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(Ch. 2)

"ANDRE!" yelled Azmiro, for Andre was staring with glazed eyes at the river steadily flowing by him. The river is a mere half mile from town through a field and on the opposite side there begins a forest.

Andre whips his head toward Azmiro giving himself a pain in his neck. He is still not used to the weight of the hammer in his arms. "WHAT?!" Andre exlaims.

"You need to pay attention! We are starting to get into your training and if you're just standing there staring at the river I will obviously beat you every time!" explained Azmiro.

"But I don't FEEL like " Andre was quickly cut off by Azmiro's right swing at Andres left shoulder. Being right handed and off his guard Andre took the hit from the wooden sword and instantly felt the bruise beginning to form. "OWWW!!" Andre shouted, "I wasn't even paying attent " Andre was cut off again with another swing to his left abdomen, this time Andre was quick enough to move the shaft his wooden hammer in the way of the blow.

Five more minutes passed of similar interjections from Andre and similar attacks from Azmiro. Andre was getting better at putting the hammer in the right spot, but lacked the luster of a true "block." Azmiro noticed the problem and addressed it accordingly by throwing attacks of a larger magnitude.

It wasn't long before even though the shaft of the hammer was in the way of the blow it still moved through Andres hammer enough to leave a small mark on his ribs. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!" bellowed Andre, "Why would you hit so HARD?!"

Azmiro retorts, "Because your enemies won't hit you softly. If you don't put as much into a block as you do into your swing then it won't be strong enough to stop the attack. And you can hit me as well. You will never win a battle standing there whining about how hard I'm hitting everytime I attack you. You WILL get hit. You WILL lose practice battles. It will ALWAYS hurt. Get over it. You must learn from every loss though. Revel in your victories and build off of your failures. That is how you become the best fighter you can possibly be. You MUST be the best fighter you can be, because when you get attacked by bandits or raiders or a woman in the street, there is no learning from mistakes. A mistake makes you dead."

Andre stood silent for a while and then responded, "I don't want to hurt you though.." Azmiro, touched by Andres soft heart, and knowing his heart must get stronger, responded, "Andre, if you do not hit me and bruise me, it will do me far more pain knowing that you cannot defend yourself in battle. You must be able to defeat me if you want to survive. These sticks and stones are nothing compared to the pain I would feel if I lost you to flames and cold steel

Flickering flames and pain suddenly shot through Andres mind as he saw a silver necklace hanging on someones neck. He had never seen this necklace before. It was beautiful, it was the shape of a ships anchor with the design of a master smith. The heat was unbearable. There was screaming and crying. Fighting everywhere, swords clashing and axes falling. All he could make out of the confusion was a woman's voice yelling "RUN ANDRE! RUN INTO THE NORTH!" And he did. Until he could not run and it was no longer heat pulsing against his back. But now the cold dots of snow falling onto his neck. He fell face first into the snow and did not get up.


"ANDRE!!!" Azmiro was yelling again, but this time in a frantic panic. Andre woke up soon next to the river gripping his hammer in hand and was perplexed as to how he got to where he was.

"Your eyes glazed over and you just collapsed. What happened Andre?" asked Azmiro. "I don't know... I don't want to fight anymore today." responded Andre.
"Okay, have some water and food and sleep well. We need to make up for lost time tomorrow. I love you Andre."

Andre had never heard this before. He thinks he must have really worried Azmiro for him to get so emotional. Being his only father figure he naturally loved him too. "I love you too Azmiro. Goodnight."




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