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The Searing Dawn
The Searing Dawn

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Arquen.
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About The Searing Dawn
Main Short Version Origin
Welcome, aspirant for the Dominion. Reading this I can only presume that you are a person of great intellect, strong visions and a resolute mind. You seek to serve the Dominion; aiding us to make sure that humans no longer hold a grasp on our world, able to corrupt it further.

The Searing Dawn is constantly working to empower the might of the Dominion and undermine the efforts of lesser races; Nords, Bretons, Argonians, Orcs, Redguards and, the sinister, Dunmer. Our every breath and actions is made in the intet to rid the world of human corruption, and ensure that the superior races in the Dominion can establish peace and order in all of Tamriel.

Our goal is a Searing Dawn: A day when human influence has been purged from Tamriel, and peace, prosperity, order and wisdom has been returned to our world. We will not stop before our quest is complete.

Hail the Dominion, Hail the Queen!
A guild I want to make sure makes it into the game; I want to make a guild who fights with great national feeling and fights for the honour of their Dominion. We're just starting out, and there are currently no other members than myself - my "real" friends has already chosen to become lesser races; fools.

We will focus on moderate-roleplaying; you don't have to be a lore-nerd, but you should be very passionate about the Aldemeri Dominion. And since we wish to expand the Dominions power we will do both PvP and PvE; PvP will make us known in war, while PvE will spread our fame.

Come, fight for the Dominion! Hail the Dominion, Hail the Queen!
The Searing Dawn has its roots in the visions of an Altmer diplomat who roamed Tamriel long ago; Venim Dawnbringer. His legacy was strong and he attemped to prove himself to his family and his people by forging friendship between Mer, Man and Beast. However his endevours were not to be succesful; after years of struggling for his cause he realized: Peace could not be achieved, many of the races were too ignorant to understand the value of peace. Only the Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit understood his passion.

Driven mad by his failure he wrote a book, a seemingly fictional book - a book which labled him mad for the rest of his life. But before he met his demise the managed to gather a group of like-minded individuals and formed: The Searing Dawn.

At and after it's creation the Searing Dawn was frowned apon: cast into shadow, ignored.

However recent events, and events which surely will follow, has sparked new hope for our order. We shall raise awareness for our cause and gather a roster which will set our mark on Tamriel and fulfill our founders vision: Peace. And if peace means we must purge Tamriel for ignorant races; so be it.

Draw your swords, raise your staffs and draw your bows, servants of the Dominion! For I, Arquen Dawnbringer, will rally us so that we may ,together, bring peace, order and wisdom back to Tamriel!

Hail the Dominion, Hail the Queen!
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